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Arctic Research Fellowships - $5,000

Arctic Research Fellowships - $5,000
The Arctic as an “Emerging” World Region
Deadline for Proposals: 11 December 2013

More information/application: http://www.jsis.washington.edu/arctic/grad/

Call for Proposals
The Canadian Studies Center, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies – in partnership with the Center for West European Studies, Ellison Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies, Center for Global Studies, and East Asia Center (all in the Jackson School), Anthropology and Scandinavian Studies, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Oceanography, Program on Climate Change, and the Quaternary Research Center – is pleased to announce 7-10 fellowships available for UW graduate students valued at $5,000 each.

The Arctic as an “Emerging” World Region
The objectives of the fellowships are to foster innovative research that strengthens area studies at the University and to build vital research linkages across disciplines, particularly between the natural and social sciences and the humanities, on a range of issues related to the Arctic. Resulting research papers will focus on the Arctic as an emerging world region from a variety of perspectives. Examples of focal topics include climate and ocean change, human rights, changes to the cryosphere, indigenous concepts of Arctic territory, fisheries management and economics, community security, international customary law, past human-environmental dynamics, global geopolitics, resource extraction and environmental ethics, and the interactions between the Arctic indigenous peoples and state entities in the policy dialogue.

More information/application: http://www.jsis.washington.edu/arctic/grad/

Past Entries

Environmental Alternative Spring Break

Environmental Alternative Spring Break is a Pipeline Project opportunity for students to spend their spring break teaching in a rural or tribal community. This is a FREE experience, and comes with a 2-credit seminar during winter quarter to prepare. We are still looking for applicants from across disciplines!
Our application closes on Sunday night, so please help us spread the word about this fantastic opportunity.

Blurb below:
It’s your spring break. One week away from classes, exams and all-nighters. Are you heading to the beach? Are you spending the week on your parents’ couch with a laptop in hand or do you want to make a real, lasting impact?

The UW Pipeline Project is sending groups of students to rural and tribal communities throughout Washington State during spring break 2014 to facilitate hands-on environmental education projects. You and your team will plan, design, and teach your own curriculum to young students whose educational experiences and opportunities are limited simply because of where they live. You will learn more about the community, local ecology, and the environmental and education issues of the region. As part of preparation, you will enroll in a seminar during winter quarter to fundraise for the program and serve as a mentor in local classrooms or environmental organizations for 2-2.5 hours per week. You can reach more students than those you’ll be teaching during spring break. No prior environmental education experience is necessary and your expenses (food, housing, travel) are on s.

EDUC 401 P (2-credit) seminar: Thursdays 4:30-5:50PM (location TBD)
Apply at https://catalyst.uw.edu/webq/survey/lhuynh10/214782 by 5PM on Sunday, November 17th.

You have the chance to make a fundamental lasting impact on a group of students’ lives and perhaps, lead them to sit in your place one day and decide how to spend their own college spring break. Do more than teach. Inspire.

Lingering questions? Contact Loan Huynh at lhuynh10@uw.edu or (206) 453-8781.

Pipeline Project: http://expd.washington.edu/pipeline 

Tenure Track Faculty position at UC, Riverside

The Department of Earth Sciences at the University of California, Riverside, is fortunate to be hiring new tenure-track faculty members in three areas: Biogeochemical Modeling, Neotectonics, and High Resolution Records of Cenozoic Climatic and Environmental Change. The details of the three positions can be found on our Department website at: http://earthscience.ucr.edu/jobs.html


If you would pass this on to any interested people in your department, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time.

The University of California is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer and supports dual career couples.

Two Tenure-Track Faculty Positions – Marine Geochemistry

Department of Oceanography

University of Hawai`i at Manoa

The Department of Oceanography, University of Hawai`i at Mānoa, invites applications for two full time, tenure-track faculty positions. Areas of interest include (but are not limited to) Sediment Geochemistry / Biogeochemistry, Global Geochemical / Biogeochemical Cycles, Paleoceanography, Physical-Biogeochemical Interactions, Land-Ocean Dynamics, and Marine Atmospheric Chemistry. Appointments are expected to be at the Assistant Professor level, although candidates with suitable qualifications may be considered for appointment at the Associate level, subject to position clearance and availability of funds. The anticipated start date is August 1, 2014. The level of State support for each position will be equivalent to nine (9) months per year, with the remaining three (3) months to be raised through extramural funds. The successful candidates will be expected to develop and sustain outstanding research programs and contribute to the department’s educational mission (including classroom instruction) at both the graduate and undergraduate level. The latter will include teaching in the Department’s Global Environmental Science Bachelor of Sciences degree program.


Applicants must have a Ph.D. degree in oceanography or another relevant discipline received by 1 June 2013; excellent communication skills; demonstrated capability for creative, high quality research; and the demonstrated capability/experience and desire to contribute to teaching and mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students. At the Associate level, the minimum qualifications are as stated above, with four years of experience at the rank of Assistant (or equivalent). Applications should include a curriculum vitae, statement of research and teaching interests, three representative publications, and the names and contact information for at least three references. Questions should be directed to Dr. Kathleen Ruttenberg, chair of the search committee, at kcr@soest.hawaii.edu. More information about the Department can be found at www.soest.hawaii.edu/oceanography.


Submit application by mail or email to:


Chair (Geochemistry Faculty Position Search)

Department of Oceanography

University of Hawai`i at Mānoa

1000 Pope Road

Honolulu, HI 96822

Email: ocnsrch@soest.hawaii.edu.


Electronic submissions are preferred. Review of applications will begin on August 15, 2013. The University of Hawai`i is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.

UW FHL Welcomes Dr Gonzalo Giribet

UW Friday Harbor Laboratories
welcomes the
2013 Illg Distinguished Lecturer
Dr. Gonzalo Giribet
Harvard University
Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology and
Curator in the Museum of Comparative Zoology


Scientific Lecture
“Understanding the Animal Tree of Life--
from Morphology to Genomes”
Wednesday, June 19 - 4:00 pm - Friday Harbor Commons

Public Lecture
“Around the world in search of invertebrates for
species discovery, biogeography and systematics”
Thursday, June 20 - 7:30 pm - San Juan Community Theater

Graduate Student Innovation Awards Call for Proposals

The University of Washington School of Oceanography is pleased to announce a request for graduate student proposals to support research that enhances innovation and creativity  in the School. A total of $10K is available to fund one-year projects to further the  research potential of students. Up to $2K is available per student-led individual proposal;  collaborative proposals that include more than one student will be scaled according to number of student participants. All students in or beyond their third year OR who have  successfully defended their master’s research at UW Oceanography are eligible to apply. Students may be involved in one proposal only.

Proposals are limited to no more than 2 pages and should include 1) concept and
motivation, 2) proposed work including enough technical details to allow evaluation, 3) timeline of activities, and 4) budget description and rationale for the requested funding and why funding is not available through other means. Proposals could include support for such things as supplies, development of a new instrument, a day of Barnes or Robertson ship time, or travel to a cruise opportunity or conference. A brief letter of support from the student’s advisor is required.

Those funded will be required to write a brief synopsis of the proposed research to be highlighted on the School web site. At the completion of the project, a synopsis of reslts will be similarly highlighted on the School web site.

Time line:
Due date for proposal: March 15, 2013
Submit to: Su Tipple (tipple@u.washington.edu), subject line: Innovation Grant
Notice of funding: April 1, 2013
Funding period: all funds must be expended by June 1, 2014.

Part-time Oceanographic Lab Assistant Needed - UW APL Wave Chasers group

The UW Applied Physics Lab Wave Chasers group (wavechasers.uw.edu) is in need of a part-time lab assistant. 10-20 hours per week at $14 per hour, with occasional participation in research cruises. Work hours flexible around class schedule. Long-term (year+) applicants preferred. The position includes wide variety of tasks, including, but not limited to:

* organization and documentation of lab assets
* transportation and care of oceanographic equipment
* assembly of oceanographic moorings and components
* web site updates and maintenance
* instrument programming and data organization
* purchase of lab supplies
* occasional heavy lifting (oceanographic gear is rarely light!)
* regular tool use and work outdoors

Sea-going experience preferred but not necessary. Great opportunity for hands-on ME/EE/oceanography experience!

E-mail 1-page résumé to jmickett@apl.washington.edu by February 15th if interested.

DISCCRS VIII Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research Symposium II

DISCCRS VIII Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research Symposium

October 12-19, 2013
La Foret Conference and Retreat Center (Colorado)

Application Deadline: February 28, 2013
Participation limited to 30 early-career Ph.D. scholars

Airfare and on-site expenses are supported through grants from NSF and NASA


The DISsertations initiative for the advancement of Climate Change ReSearch (DISCCRS, pronounced discourse) hosts symposia for early-career climate change researchers. Our goal is to catalyze international, interdisciplinary collegial networks and foster collaborative interdisciplinary research and dynamic interactions between science and society to enable us to better understand and respond to the myriad challenges posed by climate change.

During the weeklong symposium, 30 competitively selected recent Ph.D. graduates will share their research, engage in discussions with peers, mentors, and funding agency representatives, and hone their teambuilding and communication skills. Most importantly, scholars will depart from the symposium with a collegial peer network that extends across the full range of climate science. For an overview of recent symposium scholars, visit: http://disccrs.org/files/DISCCRS_VII_Symposium_Scholars.pdf

Eligibility: Ph.D. requirements completed between September 1, 2010 - February 28, 2013 in any field. Applicants should be conducting research relevant to the study of climate change, its impacts, or its societal implications. We encourage applicants from the biological, physical, and social sciences, mathematics, engineering, and other fields. While U.S. citizens and residents have preference, some funds are available for non-U.S. participants.

Symposium Application Instructions: http://disccrs.org/application_instructions


WEBSITE: http://disccrs.org
Includes information about DISCCRS symposia, as well as a searchable Ph.D. dissertation registry, career resources, and other information for climate researchers.

Ph.D. Dissertation Registry:

http://disccrs.org/search - Browse this fully searchable database for an overview of recent climate change research and researchers, or to identify specific topics.
http://disccrs.org/register - Join over 2800 climate change researchers by registering your Ph.D. dissertation citation and abstract. You will automatically receive the DISCCRS e-newsletter after you register.
Career Resources:

http://disccrs.org/career - Includes resources for finding jobs, developing professional skills, locating funding opportunities, crafting grant proposals, and more.
With weekly climate change job listings, news stories, funding opportunities and more, our weekly e-newsletter is automatically provided to anyone who registers their Ph.D. at http://disccrs.org/register. Others may subscribe at http://disccrs.org/subscribe.

DISCCRS Sponsoring Societies


U.S. National Science Foundation Collaborative Grants: SES-0931402 to the University of Oregon and SES-0932916 to Whitman College
U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration: Grant NNX10AJ53G to Whitman College

DISCCRS Organizers
Ronald B. Mitchell (University of Oregon)
C. Susan Weiler (Whitman College)
Jennifer R. Marlon (Yale University)

Contact: info@disccrs.org

Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) is offering a competitive $10,000 scholarship for University of Washington students who are in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) disciplines. Awardees will receive funding for their 2013-2014 academic year.

All motivated STEM students, who have demonstrated success in both their course work and research projects, are encouraged to apply. Space Grant must receive all materials by 5pm on March 1, 2013. Furthermore, Space Grant will notify applicants of their application status by March 5, 2013.

Student Eligibility and Application process:
-Must be a United States citizen

-Application must include a letter of reference and cover sheet completed by at least one faculty member who has worked closely with you

-Must hold either junior or senior status at the beginning of the
2013-2014 academic year

Nomination documents and details may be downloaded from:

All application materials must be sent to the Space Grant main office at:
WA NASA Space Grant
Attn: Astronaut Scholarship Foundation
Johnson 141
Box 351310
Seattle, WA 98195

As general advice, be proactive by downloading the application materials and set-up a meeting with a faculty member to discuss your application. Ensure that your application is complete by ensuring that all documents are included and double check for typos, grammar and such.

I am here to help, so please feel free to contact me regarding this opportunity at jcc5@uw.edu. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions may be found at the provided link above.

Oceanography summer study abroad program in Pohnpei, Micronesia

The Oceanography summer study abroad program in Pohnpei, Micronesia will take place June 22-July 20, 2013. This class is focused on coastal ecosystems in a changing climate, and will provide students with first hand field experience studying coral reefs, mangrove forests, estuaries, and atolls, and the ways that human activities are affecting those ecosystems.

The application deadline is February 15th, 2013. Some foundation in the natural sciences is useful, but students from a wide range of backgrounds and majors are encouraged to apply. More information and the online application is available at http://studyabroad.washington.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgram&Program_ID=11114