Karl Banse

Karl Banse, Ph.D. (Univ. of Kiel), Professor Emeritus

Plankton production and hydrography, especially in the Arabian Sea; methodology in plankton work.


BANSE, KARL. b. 1929, Koenigsberg, Germany. Naturalized U.S. citizen. Undergraduate, Heidelberg, 1947-1949; graduate, Kiel, 1949-1951, 1952-55; Lund, 1951-1952; Ph.D. (oceanogr., zool.), Kiel, 1955. Post-doctoral fellow (German Research Foundation), Kiel, 1955-1958; Gov't of India Scholar, Ernakulam/Cochin, 1958-1960. Asst. Prof. Oceanography, Univ. of Washington, 1960-1963; Assoc. Prof., 1963-1966; Professor, 1966-1995; Emeritus, 1995-. Visitor, Scripps Inst. of Oceanography, Univ. of California, 1972-1973, Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography, University System of Georgia, 1980-1981. Several weeks each of teaching in Germany, Turkey (twice), and India (four times). NASA-ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship, NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, 1985. Outstanding Teacher Award (Undergraduates), College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences, Univ. of Washington, 1987. Fellow, Marine Biological Association of India, 1989. Dr. honoris causa, Kiel, 1995. ASLO Lifetime Achievement Award, 1998.


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