Richard Keil

Keil lab group at sea with our incubation systems

Our lab studies the fate of organic matter in aquatic environments with a current emphasis on proteins, proteomics, metabolomics and in situ sensing and experimentation.    Our web site is here:

AOG Website

I am currently on sabbatical/leave at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.  I will return to Seattle during the summer of 2014.

The AOG group started the citizen science project SoundCitizen.  That program is now located at the Center for Urban Waters at the UW - Tacoma, but our lab is still deeply involved in the project. 

The SoundCitizen Web is here


OCEAN 445 Undergraduate Thesis: Data Analysis and Writing

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Analyze results from senior thesis experiments and present results in a series of drafts and a final paper. Results are presented at a two-day long public research symposium and on the students; individual web sites. Prerequisite: OCEAN 444. Offered: Sp.

OCEAN 443 Design of Oceanographic Field Experiments

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Case histories, presentations, and class exercises used to teach methods of formulating a research problem and proposal writing. Methods of data analysis, presentation, error estimation, library resource and data base use; web page implementation and design. Principles of cruise planning. Prerequisite: OCEAN 400; OCEAN 410; OCEAN 420; OCEAN 430. Offered: A.