Jody W. Deming’s Ecosystem

University of Washington, School of Oceanography



Our research interests:

Adaptations of marine microorganisms - Bacteria and Archaea (Collins et al., 2010; Kellogg and Deming, 2014), and their viruses (Colangelo-Lillis and Deming, 2012) and sea-ice algae (Krembs et al, 2011) - to living within physical support structures, including frost flowers (Bowman and Deming, 2010; Bowman et al., 2014) shown above on the right, sea ice, particle aggregates and sediments, especially as they influence carbon and other elemental cycles (Kellogg et al., 2011).

Cold adaptation in marine microorganisms and relevance to polar geochemistry and ecology (e.g., Canadian Flaw Lead System Study, CFL; Nansen Amundsen Basins Observational System, NABOS; Canadian Arctic Shelf Exchange Study, CASES; International Northwater Polynya Study, NOW)

Limits of microbial life, especially in ice, as they relate to astrobiology (UW Astrobiology Program), biotechnology and bioremediation (UW Marine Bioremediation Program). See some of our recent work featured at these UW School of Oceanography links: Frost Flowers Foster Microbes; Bacteria in Ice.

Role of benthic bacteria in biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems, from coastal to deep-sea environments (DGoMB; Deming and Carpenter, 2008)

Hydrostatic pressure in the evolution and ecology of marine bacteria, especially at very cold (in deep-sea and polar environments) and hot (at hydrothermal vents) temperatures.  See Tamburini et al. (2013) in Environmental Microbiology.

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News and Highlights:

  • The Deming laboratory in collaboration with UAF (Hajo Eicken), The Ohio State University (Matt Sullivan), and UW Oceanography (Jodi Young) has received a Moore Foundation award titled “Understanding How Virus Infection Affects Gene Flow and Microbial Evolution in Extreme Polar Environments“. 2016.
  • In 2016 Jody Deming received a Karl M. Banse endowed professorship.
  • Evan Firth and Max Showalter were a part of the 2016 Polar Science Weekend at Seattle Pacific Science Center.  See the video produced by the Applied Physics Lab here.
  • Jody will be a visiting professor at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden this autumn 2015 to host a polar marine research course and mini-symposium. (link)
  • Ongoing work with SHAMU makes the Caltech front page and the UW Astrobiology newsletter.
  • The lab went to Nuuk, Greenland, in March 2015 as a part of a Caltech/McGill collaboration to test SHAMU, a Submersible Holographic Astrobiology Microscope with Ultraresolution.  See some pix here.
  • Go to Elementa to learn about this new journal (Jody is Editor-in-Chief of its Ocean Domain) and how to submit a manuscript.
  • Jody and Shelly, with help from new graduate student Max Showalter, organized and led the Astrobiology Workshop for 2014 aboard the Thomas G. Thompson research vessel to give Astrobiology students direct experience in the study of Earth’s oceans (link).
  • Jody is serving as the Director of the Future of Ice Initiative for 2014-1015.  For more information see their website.
  • The lab went to Nuuk, Greenland, in March-April 2014 to explore microbial adaptations to salinity fluctuations in sea ice and possible links to primary production, an ongoing NSF project (link).
  • Jody is working with lead PI Eric D’Asaro and Bonnie Light (UW-APl) to develop an under-ice Langrangian float, with support from the Paul G. Allen Foundation.
  • During September 2013 we and the Arctic community suffered a tragedy of immense personal and professional impact.  Read the CBCNews article or listen to a CBC interview with Martin Fortier.  Information on the funeral services here.
  • We are now a UW Certified Green Laboratory - SILVER!
  • See the NSF Highlight on our Arctic frost flower project that involves work by Jeff Bowman and Marcela Ewert.
  • Participants in a March 2012 Campaign in Daneborg, NE Greenland, were led by Soeren Rysgaard to examine carbon fluxes through winter sea ice. See the video of this effort.
  • Read blogs on exopolymers in sea ice at DeepBlueHome and MotherJones.
  • Read a recent interview with Jody at Action
  • Jody served as Chief Scientist for Leg 5B of the overwintering icebreaker expedition in the Arctic for CFL, the Circumpolar Flaw Lead Systems Study, Canada’s flagship International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-2009 project (Listen to the CBC radio broadcast from CFL)
  • Participants in the ArcticNet 2006 expedition sailed through the Northwest Passage. See the Washington Post article. A short video also summarizes the 2006 effort.
  • Jody received an honorary doctorate from Université Laval, Quebec City, June 2006.
  • Jody joined other instructors for for the 2005 IARC International Summer School on Climate Change in the Arctic Ocean via NABOS.
  • Jody served as Chief Scientist for the 2003-2004 overwintering expedition of the Canadian Arctic Shelf Exchange Study (CASES).
  • Our lab participated in the NOAA-Ocean Exploration collaborative research effort in 2002 (click on Microorganisms at that link).