Jody W. Deming’s Ecosystem

University of Washington, School of Oceanography




  • Jody W. Deming
    Phone: (206) 543-0845
    E-mail: jdeming AT
    Address: University of Washington
    School of Oceanography
    Seattle WA 98185
    Campus Mailbox: 357940
    Office: 370 MSB (map)

Current Work/Study Students

  • Chantz Thomas, working with Jeff Bowman on  the potential synthesis of pre-biotic organic molecules at the surface of sea ice.  Chantz is also a graduate student in Chemistry at UW.  chantzt AT
  • Adrienne Scott, working with Shelly Carpenter on the oil-dispersing potential of cold-adapted marine bacteria.  enneirda1 AT

Current Graduate Students

  • Marcela Ewert Sarmiento,  CONGRATULATIONS to Marcela who received her Ph.D. on July 22, 2013!
    studying ice selection of exopolymers and microbes, supported by a Vatican Observatory fellowship in Astrobiology and the School of Oceanography, she is working on outreach projects at the Pacific Science Center and the Virtual Planetary Laboratory. See her blog from field work in Barrow, AK 2011.  mewerts AT
  • Jeff Bowman, studying survival mechanisms of bacteria in cold, salty environments, supported by NSF-IGERT and the UW Astrobiology Program, See a recent interview highlighting Astrobiology
  • Evan Firth, involved in an NSF-funded project on Seasonal Synergy between Bacterial Osmoprotection and Algal Production in Sea Ice, firth.evan AT Evan attended the 2013 May Sea Ice Field Course.

Recent Postdoctoral Associates

  • Joseph G. Marx,
    currently with the Federal Bureau of Investigation; studied exopolymer and enzyme production by Colwellia psychrerythraea strain 34H under extreme conditions in the Deming Lab, jgmarx AT
  • Karen Junge,
    currently at the UW Applied Physics Lab Polar Science Center, studied bacterial activity at subzero temperatures in the Deming Lab, kjunge AT
  • Christopher Krembs,
    currently lead Oceanographer at the Washington State Department of Ecology; studied exopolymers in sea ice in the Deming Lab,
    christopherkrembs AT

Current Research Staff