Jody W. Deming’s Ecosystem

University of Washington, School of Oceanography



  • Jody W. Deming
  • Phone: (206) 543-0845
    E-mail: jdeming AT
    Address: School of Oceanography
    Campus Mailbox: 357940
    University of Washington
    Seattle WA 98185
    Office: 370 MSB (map)

Postdoctoral Associates

Current Graduate Students

UW Astrobiology Rotation Students/Visiting Students

  • Paul Kintner (UW AB program) examining the fractionation of bacteria in sea ice as it freezes with respect to freezing rate and the presence of gels. (kintner AT uw DOT edu).

Current Undergraduate and High School Students

  • Anais Gentilhomme - Ocean 444 senior thesis, “The effects of lead (II) nitrate on ESP production by Colwellia psychrerythraea 34H and the metal-binding capacity of the EPS in artificial seawater” (anais AT gentilhomme DOT com)
  • Violet Schermer - high school intern - assisting with pressure vessel testing and repair or helping out graduate students in the lab (violetschermer AT gmail DOT com)

Recent Work/Study Students

  • Leyia Johnson (UW undergraduate) examining long-term stored pressure vessels for interesting cold-adapted, enriched bacterial isolates. (Leyia AT usa DOT net).

Current Research Staff

  • Shelly Carpenter Research Scientist/Engineer IV/Lab Manager (seashell AT  See Shelly’s other exploits at the APL-Polar Science Center Rotten Ice Project page here or here.
  • Brett Morris (UW AB program) Developing software for numerical reconstruction in digital holographic microscopy (source code: shampoo). (bmmorris AT uw DOT edu).

Former Lab Members