Jody W. Deming’s Ecosystem

University of Washington, School of Oceanography



  • Jody W. Deming
  • Phone: (206) 543-0845
    E-mail: jdeming AT
    Address: School of Oceanography
    Campus Mailbox: 357940
    University of Washington
    Seattle WA 98185
    Office: 370 MSB (map)

Recent Work/Study Students

  • Leyia Johnson (UW undergraduate) examining long-term stored pressure vessels for interesting cold-adapted, enriched bacterial isolates. (Leyia AT usa DOT net).
  • Joseph Schermer (high school student), worked with Shelly Carpenter on the temperature and salinity parameters of specific cold-adapted marine bacteria (cwcooler AT
  • Adrienne Scott (UW undergraduate student), worked with Shelly Carpenter on the oil-dispersing potential of cold-adapted marine bacteria (enneirda1 AT

Current Graduate Students

  • Gordon “Max” Showalter, studies bacterial swimming behaviors (motility) in cold and subzero temperatures to help understand microbial colonization of sea ice and pursue the use of motility as a biosignature in extreme and extraterrestrial environments. (gshowalt AT uw DOT edu).
  • Evan Firth, involved in an NSF-funded project on Seasonal Synergy between Bacterial Osmoprotection and Algal Production in Sea Ice (firth.evan AT Evan attended the 2013 May Sea Ice Field Course. CONGRATULATIONS!  Evan passed her Master’s July 2015!

UW Astrobiology Rotation Students/Visiting Students

  • Wolf Clifton (UW AB program) examining the growth of cold-adapted bacteria under different pressures and temperatures. (wolfclif AT uw DOT edu).  See Wolf’s Master’s Degree topic here.
  • Lorrie Maccario (PhD student at the Environmental Microbial Genomics Group in Lyon, France),  collaborating with us on compatible solute transcriptomic work, as well as phototaxis studies on the green snow alga, C. nivalis (lorrie.maccario AT ec-lyon DOT fr).  CONGRATULATIONS!  Lorie passed her PhD defense Sept 2015!
  • Regina Carns, (UW AB program) examining the influence of extracellular polysaccharides on ions in sea ice brine pockets (rcarns AT uw DOT edu).
  • Chantz Thomas (UW AB program), worked with Jeff Bowman on the potential synthesis of pre-biotic organic molecules at the surface of sea ice.  Chantz is also a graduate student in Chemistry at UW  (chantzt AT uw DOT edu).

Current Research Staff

  • Shelly Carpenter Research Scientist/Engineer IV/Lab Manager (seashell AT  See Shelly’s other exploits at the APL-Polar Science Center Rotten Ice Project page here or here.

Former Lab Members