Jody with pressure vessel
                                                               Jody Deming pressurizing brinecicle samples; CASES 2004

Jody W. Deming, Ph.D. (Univ. of Maryland, 1981), Professor, UW School of Oceanography and Astrobiology Program

Research interests:

Recent activities:

Examples of recent talks and posters:

Cochran, J.K., C.T. Evans, J.W. Deming, S. Hoffmann, A. Thompson, and D.J. Hirschberg.  2008. Thorium-234 and POC fluxes and extracellular enzymatic activity in the Laptev Sea.  Ocean Sciences Meeting, 27 March, Orlando.

Deming, J.W.  2007.  Arctic sea ice as a microbial reactor: Insights from the CASES overwintering expedition.  Invited talk, CMOS meeting, St. John’s, Newfoundland, 29 May–1 June.

Barber, D., G. Stern, and J.W. Deming.  2007.  The International Polar Year Circumpolar Flaw Lead (CFL) System Study.  Invited talk, CMOS meeting, St. John’s, Newfoundland, 29 May–1 June.

Collins, R.E., S.D. Carpenter, and J.W. Deming.  2007.  Lateral gene transfer in Arctic sea ice?  Poster, Gordon Research Conference on Polar Marine Sciences, Ventura, California, 25-30 March.

Evans, C.T., and J.W. Deming.  2007.  Aggregate-specific Archaeal and Bacterial diversity and enzymatic activities on Arctic continental shelves.  Poster, Gordon Research Conference on Polar Marine Sciences, Ventura, California, 25-30 March.

Deming, J.W.  2007.  Sea ice as a reactor for cold-adapted microbes.  Invited talk, International Arctic Frontiers, First Annual Meeting, Tromsø, Norway, 21-26 January.

Deming, J.W.  2007.  Of ice and microbes.  Special Session, Astrobiology for Astronomers, American Astronomical Society Annual Meeting, Seattle, 10-14 January.

Evans, C.T., and J.W. Deming.  2006.  Archaeal and Bacterial diversity and enzymatic activities associated with particulate matter in the Laptev Sea, a river-impacted Arctic shelf environment.  EOS Trans. AGU 87(52), Fall Meeting Suppl., Abstract B11B-1018 (Colleen T. Evans).

Evans, C.T., J.W. Deming, and J.K. Cochran.  2006.  Microbial diversity associated with suspended and sinking particles on river-impacted Arctic Shelves.  ASLO Summer Meeting, Victoria, BC, 4-9 June.

Deming, J.W.  2006.  The UW Astrobiology Program: Integrated Graduate Education and Research Training.  Joint UW-German Conference of the Future of Astrobiology in the Bremen Region, Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Bremen, 27-28 April.

Deming, J.W.  2006.  Constraints on microbial life in ice.  Invited talk, International Workshop, Subglacial Antarctic Lake Environments (SALE) in the International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-2008:  Advanced Science and Technology Planning, Grenoble, 24-26 April.

Deming, J.W.  2006.  Viral dynamics in ice:  a safeguard against extinction?  Invited talk, Astrobiology Session, International Conference on Alpine and Polar Microbiology, Innsbruck, 27-30 March.

Collins, R.E., and J.W. Deming.  2006.  Archaeal persistence through winter in first-year sea ice.  Poster, International CASES workshop, Winnipeg, 12-16 February.

Miller, L., O. Owens, T. Papakyriakou, N. Sutherland, R.E. Collins, A. Mucci, and J.W. Deming.  2006.  A time series of the carbon budget in first-year sea ice.  Poster, International CASES workshop, Winnipeg, 12-16 February.

Deming, J.W.  2005.  Life without ice:  Learning from microorganisms in Arctic habitats and ecosystems faced with demise.  Invited talk, ASLO Summer Meeting, Santiago de Compostela, 19-24 June.

Deming, J.W.  2005.  International Symposium on Arctic Polynyas:  From Sentinels to Circum-Arctic Expanses.  Opening talk, Arctic Science Summit Week, Kunming, China, 18 April.

Collins, R.E., S.D. Carpenter, and J.W. Deming.  2005.  Microbial communities at very low temperatures in natural saline ice formations.  Poster, NAI 2005 Biennial Meeting, Boulder, 10-14 April.

Junge, K., B.D. Swanson, H. Eicken, and J.W. Deming.  2005.  Evidence for intracellular bacterial activity in deeply frozen saline ice formations.  Poster, NAI 2005 Biennial Meeting, Boulder, 10-14 April.

Deming, J.W.  2004.  New directions in the study of bacteria inhabiting very cold sea-ice formations.  Invited talk, EOS Trans.  AGU 85(47), Fall Meeting Suppl., Abstract B23C-01.

Recent publications:
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Collins, R.E., S.D. Carpenter, and J.W. Deming.  2007.  Spatial heterogeneity and temporal dynamics of particles, bacteria, and pEPS in Arctic winter sea ice.  Special Issue, J. Mar. Systems (in press).

Deming, J.W., and S.D. Carpenter.  2007.  Factors influencing benthic bacterial abundance, biomass and activity on the northern continental slope of the Gulf of Mexico.  Special Issue, Deep-Sea Res. Part II (in press).

Krembs, C., and J.W. Deming.  2007.  The role of exopolymers in microbial adaptation to sea ice.  In Psychrophiles: from Biodiversity to Biotechnology, R. Margesin, .F Schinner, J.-C. Marx, and C. Gerday, eds., Springer-Verlag (in press).

Deming, J.W., and H. Eicken.  2007.  Life in ice.  In Planets and Life: The Emerging Science of Astrobiology, W.T. Sullivan and J.A. Baross, eds., Cambridge University Press, pp. 292-312.

Deming, J.W.  2007.  Extreme high-pressure marine environments.  In C.J. Hurst, R.L. Crawford, J.L. Garland, A.L. Mills, and L.D. Stetzenbach, eds., ASM Manual of Environmental Microbiology, Third Edition, ASM Press, Washington, DC, pp. 575-590.

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