2004 CASES expedition; Llyd Wells, Shelly Carpenter and Jody Deming at the Igloo

Current Graduate Students  

Jesse Colangelo-Lillis,
studying cold adapted bacteriophage systems, supported by NSF and the UW Astrobiology Program.

Jeff Bowman,

studying survival mechanisms of bacteria in cold, salty environments, supported by NSF and the UW Astrobiology Program

R. Eric Collins,
studying wintertime Arctic sea ice community succession using molecular methods, as part of the international CASES project supported by Sea Grant, NSF and the UW Astrobiology Program.

Colleen T. Evans,
studying microbial diversity associated with particles on Arctic shelves, supported by an NSF graduate student fellowship.

Marcela Ewert Sarmiento,
studying ice selection of exopolymers and microbes, supported by a Vatican Observatory fellowship in Astrobiology.

Recent Postdoctoral Associates

Joseph G. Marx, currently with the Federal Bureau of Investigation; studied exopolymer and enzyme production & activity at subzero temperatures in the Deming Lab.

Karen Junge, currently at the UWApplied Physics Lab Polar Science Center, studied bacterial activity at subzero temperatures in the Deming Lab.

Christopher Krembs, currently lead Oceanographer at the Washington State Department of Ecology ; studied exopolymers in sea ice in the Deming Lab.
Current Research Staff

Shelly Carpenter,
Research Scientist/Engineer IV.

Former Students

Llyd E. Wells, Ph.D., 2006, studied cold-active bacteriophage and their hosts (currently teaching at St. John's College, Santa Fe, NM.

Adrienne Huston
, Ph.D., 2003, studied thermal characteristics of enzymes released by psychrophilic bacteria,  ( currently a staff scientist at Verenium Corporation). 

Karen Junge, Ph.D., 2002, studied constraints on bacteria in Arctic wintertime sea ice, (currently at the UWApplied Physics Lab Polar Science Center).  

David Allen, MS, 2002, studied chemotaxis in bacteria at cold temperatures (currently Program Administrator at UCAR in Washington, DC)

Yves-Alain Vetter, Ph.D. 1998, studied extracellular enzymes as an optimal foraging strategy for bacteria (currently running his own business in Seattle).

Patricia L. Yager, Ph.D. 1996, studied the role of bacteria in Arctic carbon cycling (currently Associate Professor of Marine Sciences, University of Georgia).

Jill L. Schmidt Murray, MS 1996, studied new ways of evaluating bacterial abundance in marine
sediments (Ph.D. 2001, with P. Jumars; currently Project Coordinator with the City of Santa Barbara's Clean
Creeks/Water Quality Improvement Program).

Will Ritzrau, German Fullbright Fellow at UW, 1991-1992, studied bacterial activity on resuspended sediments (Ph.D. 1994, University of Kiel; currently employed in Germany as a computer specialist).

Michelle Bieniek, MS, 1995, studied protist grazing effects on bacterial PAH degradation (currently in the private sector in San Diego).

Recent Undergraduate and High School Students

Pierre Monnat, summer high school intern, 2004, studied carbon requirements for Arctic bacterial isolates.

Mike Cordray, summer undergraduate, 2003 and 2004, work study analyzing Arctic samples by Fluorescent In Situ
Hybridization (FISH).

Sarah Bowerman, winter-spring quarter undergraduate, 2002, work study analyzing Arctic samples by Fluorescent In Situ
Hybridization (FISH).

Nichole Mogen, summer undergraduate, 2002, work study on the Deep Gulf of Mexico Benthos (DGoMB) project estimating sediment bacterial

Georgia Lemen, summer high school intern, 1999, studied growth characteristics of cellulose degrading mesophilic bacterial isolates.

Wendy Smith, summer undergraduate, 1996, studied bacterial densities and rates of phenanthrene degradation in Puget Sound sediments.

Lesa Sutton, undergraduate helper, 1997-1998, studied extracellular enzyme activities by bacteria in pure culture

Lisa Hodges, undergraduate helper, 1997-1998, studied bacterial activities in Arctic samples (currently employed at CDC in Altanta).

JoHanna Brickle,  undergraduate work study, 1997-1999, worked on bacterial abundance and culturability in sea ice.

John Murray, undergraduate helper, summer undergraduate helper, 1994, worked on bacterial biovolume at low temperature