Here are some pictures of the Murray family

young John and Lisa


Jim, John and Mike Ringenberg at Cascade Pass

Pam, Jim and Lisa

Jim and John on the Wonderland Trail August 1998 

Jim, John and Lisa at Point Reyes light house (Jan 2000)

Pam and Jim in Carmel

Murray family at Monte Cristo

Jim: A Polly Wog on the Knoor, 1978.

A Jim caught a yellow fin tuna at the date line during the Zonal Flux Research cruise (April 1996).

Jim on Cycle Oregon (Sept 1997)

John graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in May 1999 and was a swimmer.

John and Michelle's Wedding

Jim with Sergey Konovalov in Sevastopol, Sept. 2000

John  finished his PhD at Stanford University in Genetics in September 2003.

GoBears!. Lisa graduated from Cal in May 2002. During her first years there she was swam on their swim team. She majored in history.

Grandma Murray at home in Irvine

Lisa at Senior Nationals, August 1998.

Pam and Jim at 25th Anniversory (Dec 21, 1999)

 Jim doing STP in one day (June, 2000)

Paris in August, 1997

 Young John

Home in Seattle

Jim, John and Michelle

Jim w/Oguz Yigiterhan and Ebru Unal, Sept, 2000

Jim, Oguz and Ebru, near Mt. Rainier in 2002.

 John, Michelle and Lisa look "Fresh" at the start of the Bill Hall Trail ,Grand Canyon (June, 2002)

You hike early in the morning on the Bill Hall Trail in the Grand Canyon. It gets very hot.

The plaque at the start of the Bill Hall Trail

The Thunder River starts at Thunder cave at the base of the Redwall Formation and rushes down to Tapeats Creek. A River flows to a Creek?

Jim and Chuck Shively at the end of a Seattle to San Francisco Bike ride.960 miles in 10 days.

 Jim, the potter, in Avenos, Turkey

 Lisa at Cal Graduation May, 2002

Jim and Pam at Mt. Rainier in 2002.

Jim in the French Alps at Col D'Iseran. July 2005.

On the route in the French Alps.

The Roger and Betty Gibson Family. Christmas 2003.

Jim on top of DelCampo near Gothic Basin in October 2004.

Jim and Pam at Pacific BeachNovember 2004.

Lisa Damien Roger and Betty in Christmas 2004.

Lisa and Damien at PIke Place Market.

Snow on Hamlin Street in February 2005.

Pam and Lisa on the way to Spray Park.

Extended Murray's at Alki Beach 2005.

Lisa and Damien on the way to the cat walk.

Jim, John and Michells at the confluence of the Paria and Buckskin Rivers..

Jim in Red Square.

Lisa and Damien canoeing in Portage Bay..

On a hike near Mt. Rainier