Here are some pictures during the 2002 Fulbright
at Bogazici University in Istanbul - Bebek

Pam, Jim, Yavuz and Dilek at Cafe Emek in Yenikoy

Pam and Jim at Cafe Emek

Yavuz and Dilek

Hagia Sophia.

Hagia Sophia from Eminonu.

Iznik Tiles in Topkapi Palace

Pam in Topkapi Palace.

Our local karpus man in front of our apartment.

Our apartment is to the left of Rumeli Castle. Bogazici University is at the top of the hill.

Bebek Harbor

A Landsat image of Istanbul

Pam outside the Bebec Apartment, with banana trees!

Boats on the Bosporus at Bebec.

In Istanbul you need an akbil to ride the bus.

Pam at the Ayder Fish Restaurant on the Bosporus near the Black Sea.

Sardines out to dry.

A SeaWifs image of Istanbul, and the Bosporus. Vegetation is red, cities are blue/green.

Pam and Jim at the Yildaz Siray Fish Restaurant in Assos

Assos Harbor

Pam at the Athena Temple in Assos

Pam at the entrance to Troy

The original Trojan Horse

Ready for a boat tour on the Bosporus with the Fulbright group.

Bosporus Yali

Bebek Harbor from Bogazici-Etiler.

Our apartment is two to the right of the red apartment. Bogazici University is at the top of the hill.

Jim at the Eyup Cemetary.

Pam, Jim and Lisa in Capadoccia.

Pam and Jim at Goreme House in Goreme.

Pam on a hike in Rose Valley, Capadoccia.

When in Goreme, stay at the Goreme House. The owner is Yasar, and he is an excellent host.

Pam, Lisa and Yasar eating freshly roasted squash seeds in Goreme.

Pam, Jim and Lisa in Pasabag, Cappadoccia

Anadolu Kavagi is a village at the Black Sea end of the Bosporus with a Byzantine Castle and fish restaurants. You take a ferry to get there.

Bosporus Boats

Boats along the Bosporus.

More Boats along the Bosporus

Still more Boats along the Bosporus.

In dervishes eminence is unwanted, it's shameful. Mawlana Rumi.

Pam and Lisa going native at the Blue Mosque.

Pam watching them roast coffee in the Izmir Bazaar.

An alley in the Izmir Bazaar

Olives for sale in Izmir.

Fish for sale.

Pepper for sale.

More olives for sale.

Vegetables for sale.

Hamsi for sale.

Sausages for sale.

Grape Leaves for sale.

Lisa with a small friend, who wants a visa to the US.

Here is the view of the Bosporus from Jim's office at Bogazici.

Pam and Lisa in Cappadocia.

The Roman Agora in Izmir.

Lisa in Ephesus on Curetes Street.

Pam and Lisa at the Great Theater in Ephesus.

Pam in Ephesus on the Marble Sacred Street.

Pam and Lisa in Sirince, an ancient, formerly Greek, village near Efes.

A classic stone head! at St. Peter's Castle in Bodrum.

The sailboat harbor in Bodrum. This is a big center for yacht rentals.

Jim and Pam in Bodrum.

Pam and Lisa in St. Peter's Castle in Bodrum.

Lisa in Didyma.

Jim in Didyma. An earthquake toppled the columns.

Giant Medusa head from the Temple of Apollo, Didyma.

A stone wall at the site of the Mausoleum (one of the Seven Wonders of the World) which is located in Bodrum.

Pam before the Theater in the ancient city of Miletos.

Lisa at the Temple on the hillside in Priene.

A pigeon at home in St. Peter's Castle in Bodrum.

A Bosporus Snack Bar.

Cooking Fish for sandwiches at Eminonu.

Lisa with her Christmas present. A flat weave wedding carpet of Sunak Style. Bought in Goreme.

Pam at Sark Hali shopping for rugs.

Sark Hali knows a good customer when they see Pam.

South Campus at Bogazici University

The faculty club at Bogazici University.

Making a salep purchase.

Snake Yali near Bebek.


View of the Bosporus and the new bridge from Rumeli Castle.

Pam, John and Lisa at Aya Sophia.

Pam, Lisa and John at Aya Sophia.

A buggy ride around the Prince's Islands (Buyukada).

It snows in Bebek.

We have a Christmas Tree this year!

Christmas Tree with presents.

Jim and John on Buyukada.

On a walk along the Bosporus.

Pam and Jim on their Christmas walk.

Modest mannequins all dressed up with no place to go.

Pam's Christmas present.

Jim's Christmas present.

Roasted Sheepheads for sale.

Chains for sale.

Pigments for sale.

Potato shop in Ortokoy.

View of Bogazici campus.

Istanbul Friends.

Ebru with her mom, Semiha.

Ebru with her mom and dad, Semiha and Kudret in the village of Findikpinaci.

Lisa playing on the Prince's Islands