Meeting Location

The meeting will be held in Kane Hall at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. A map of the UW campus can be accessed here.


Getting to/from the airport

Light Link trains depart from SeaTac airport every 7-15 minutes toward downtown Seattle. The trip from the airport to downtown Seattle takes about 35 minutes. You can then take a bus or a taxi from downtown Seattle to the UW. Taxis from SeaTac airport to the University District will cost ~$60.


Getting around Seattle

Seattle is easy to get around by bus. You can use google maps to locate a place you want to go, and see which bus line will take you there. You can download a free app, one bus away, that will give you the schedule for the next available bus. One-way tickets are $2.25-2.50 depending on the time of day, and you will need exact change for your ticket. Ask for a transfer ticket when you board to allow you to use same ticket for additional rides (valid for about 2 hours).


Fun places to visit (easy to reach by bus)

Experience Music Project
Seattle Art Museum
Harbor or Lake tours (these need to be booked in advance and might fill up in summer)
Seattle ferries (can walk on)
Seattle space needle
Underground tour
Pike Place Market (free)
Olympic Sculpture Park (free)