Oceanography Minor

Enrollment in the Oceanography minor is open to all UW students. It is designed for students pursuing science degrees to tailor their studies to the marine environment. The minor could also serve as a background for a career in teaching, administration, marine affairs, environmental studies, production, inspection, instrumentation development, and statistical analysis.  Oceanography also partners with other departments to offer the interdisciplinary Marine Biology and Climate minors.

Course Requirements (25 Credits)

All three of the following courses are required (9 credits):

OCEAN 200 Introduction to Oceanography (3) Sp - Emphasis on the relationships and interactions of biology, chemistry, geology and physics in marine environments at macro-, meso- and microscales. Introduces basic oceanographic information, techniques and methods in an integrated fashion to science majors.

OCEAN 210 Ocean Circulation (3) A - Large-scale circulation of the ocean. Topics include temperature-salinity analysis; water mass identification; water, salt and heat budgets; chemical tracer distributions; advection and diffusion. Prerequisites: OCEAN 200 or 101.

OCEAN 220 Introduction to Field Oceanography (3) Sp - Methods of oceanographic field study. Instruments and sampling techniques. Writing assignment to teach report-writing skills. Prerequisite: OCEAN 210.

One of the following courses is required (4 credits):

OCEAN 400 Chemical Oceanography (4) W - Physical and chemical properties of seawater and marine products; processes determining chemical makeup of oceans. Stable isotopes and geochemistry of marine sediments and biogeochemistry. Prerequisites: OCEAN 210, CHEM 152.

OCEAN 410 Marine Geology & Geophysics (4) A - Overview of sedimentological and petrologic processes that determine the geologic record. Prerequisites: either ESS 101 or 210.

OCEAN 420 Physical Processes in the Ocean (4) W - Physical properties and processes; theories and methods describing ocean currents, waves and tides. Prerequisites: OCEAN 210; either MATH 126 or QSCI 293; either PHYS 116 or PHYS 123.

OCEAN 430 Biological Oceanography (4) A - Marine organisms, their quantitative distribution in time and space and their interactions with the ocean. Prerequisites: OCEAN 210, either BIOL 102, BIOL 203 or BIOL 220.

12 additional elective credits from 300-400 level Oceanography courses are required.