Andy Alverson
University of Arkansas, USA
Research focus: Evolution and diversification of diatoms
Zoe Finkel
Mount Allison University, Canada
Research focus: Phytoplankton ecophysiology
Anna Godhe
University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Research focus: Phytoplankton population genetics
Arthur Grossman
Stanford University
Research focus: algal physiology and molecular biology
Brian Hopkinson
University of Georgia, USA
Research focus: Inorganic carbon acquisition by phytoplankton
Marie Huysman
Ghent University, Belgium
Research focus: Molecular regulation of diatom cell cycle
Mary Ann Moran
University of Georgia, USA
Research focus: Diatom-bacteria interactions
Abhay Pandit
National University of Ireland, Ireland
Research focus: Biomaterials
Alison Smith
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Research focus: Synthetic biology
Yuji Tomaru
National Reseach Institute for Fisheries and Environment of Inland Sea, Japan
Research focus: Viruses