220 Introduction to Field Oceanography

This class focuses on active learning, deployment of instruments, data collection and interpretation, and presentation. You will help design and conduct a field study in oceanography.  Students will:

  1. Perform independent research under the tutelage of an advisor. Oceanographic data will be collected, analyzed, and interpreted by the students.
  2. Develop interpersonal skills and a sense of how individual research is conducted within a larger framework by participating in fieldwork on the R.V. Barnes and working together to produce a shared data set.
  3. Develop scientific writing skills within a final report, in the form of a journal article, that places scientific results in context with previous findings of the larger scientific community.
  4. Develop oral presentation skills by presenting their work in a public venue - the Ocean 220 Symposium - at the end of the quarter.

Course URL: http://morrislab.ocean.washington.edu/?q=ocean220

Prerequisites: OCEAN 200 or 250