240 Exploring the Use of Programming in Oceanography

Meeting: Once per week for two hours.

Goals: Equip students with knowledge and understanding of what computer programming is and how they can apply it in ways interesting to them within the field of oceanography.

Description: This class will explore the different ways programming can be used in oceanography, helping students discover its emphasis and importance in the modern field. Students will learn what computer programming is, the basics of how it works, and the different ways it is used both in oceanographic research and industry. 

Patrick Old, Undergraduate TA

The class will meet once a week for two hours, likely on Monday or Wednesday afternoons (time still being worked out).  The first part of class every week will be used to discuss a new topic. The remaining time will be used for students to get started on their short homework assignment, and receive hands-on help from the instructors.

One hour per week will be required of students outside of class to complete small homework assignments relevant to class material.

No prerequisites.