569 Topics in Physical Oceanography

Ocean 569:  Satellite Oceanography: graded 3 credits

This course is open to all graduate students in oceanography and other students interested in ocean satellite observations.  Students should have already defined a research direction and have the background that will allow them to take advantage of the opportunity to write a research proposal and thus, enrolled students should be at least their second year of graduate study. 


This course will provide an overview of the technology of satellite oceanography as well as provide hands on experience in using satellite observations of the ocean.  Over the course of the quarter, each student will become an expert in one area of satellite oceanography and have the opportunity to teach other students in the class both the technology behind the measurements and potential uses of the data.  The final project will be a five-page proposal that could be potentially be submitted to the NASA FINESST program, Future Investigators in Earth and Space Science, due February 1, 2020.