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Course Description:  Introduction to Oceanography by Inquiry was offered during Winter quarter 1998.  The instructor (Carol Ladd) and a teaching mentor (Richard Strickland) were awarded a Huckabay Teaching Fellowship to develop and teach Ocean 204.  The goals of the Huckabay project were twofold:  1) to provide undergraduates with a science class that focuses on scientific skills and processes, and 2) to provide Oceanography graduate students with teaching experience.  Hopefully, the course will continue to be offered on roughly an annual basis and taught by graduate students who are seeking to further their teaching experience.

Course Objectives: The primary objective of this class is to understand science as a process as opposed to a body of "facts". By the end of the class, students should be experienced in many useful skills including hypothesis building, experimental design, data collection and interpretation, group work, and computer skills such as email and web use.

Instructor: Carol Ladd
Ocean Research Bldg #2, room 103
PO Box 357940, Seattle, WA 98195

Text: Duxbury & Duxbury,
An Introduction to the World’s Oceans,
5th Ed., W.C. Brown Publ.


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