OCN400 - Winter 2015
Chemical Oceanography
Instructor: Professor James W. Murray

PowerPoint Lectures

The Power Point files show the slides that will be used in the numbered lectures. 

Note Chapter
What is chemical oceanography? Themes to be developed. 
Lecture 1B
Ocean Circulation and Current Carbon Cycle
Lecture 2
Major Ions of Seawater
Lecture 3 Trace Elements in Seawater
 Paper #1
Paper Discussion #1: Sinks for Anthropogenic Carbon
(Sarmiento and Gruber, 2002)
Controls on the Composition of Seawater
Paper #2
Paper Discussion #2: McDuff and Morel, 1980
Stable Isotopes (Quay. 1992)
Radioactive Isotopes and Decay
Gases and Gas Exchange
Tracers for Gas Exchange
Ocean Carbonate Chemistry: Reactions
Ocean Carbonate Chemistry: Ocean Distributions
Paper Discussion #3: Ocean Acidification
(Doney et al., 2009; Feely et a;., 2004, Sabone et al., 2004)
Lecture 11 Principles of Mass Balance - Box Models
Primary Production - Nutrient Stoichiometry
Biological Production - Chemical Tracers
234Th and Export Production
 Paper #5
Paper Discussion #4: Mesoscale Iron Enrichment Experiments 1993-2005: Synthesis and Future Directions (Boyd et al, 2007)
Paper #6
Paper Discussion: Annual Net Community Production (Emerson, 2014)
Lecture 15 Iron Distributions and Controls
Redox Reactions
Lecture 17 and 18
Respiration and Oxygen
Lecture 19
Redox Sequence and Sedimentary Diagenesis
Ocean Nitrogen Cycle; Global Oxygen Cycle (Walker, 1974)
Paper #7 Paper Discussion #5: Marine Microorganisms and Global Nutrient Cycles (Arrigo, 2005)

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