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Dr. Deborah Kelley. University of Washington

Dr. Kelley explores and studies hydrothermal vent systems.  She received her Bachelors and Masters in geology at the University of Washington, and her PhD from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.  She has been a University of Washington professor since 1995.  She was once in a Mark Trail cartoon.

Dr. Doug Toomey, University of Oregon

Dr. Toomey studies the seismology and geophysics of mid-ocean ridges and hotspots.  He completed his undergraduate studies at Pennsylvania State University, and his PhD at the WHOI/MIT.  He has been a professor at the University of Oregon since 1990.  He plays ping-pong enthusiastically.

Dr. William Wilcock, University of Washington

Dr. Wilcock studies marine geophysics and seismology, and is particularly interested in undersea volcanism.  He received his BA at Cambridge, Masters at Imperial College, London, and his PhD from WHOI/MIT.  He has been a professor at the University of Washington since 1993.  He rides a recumbent bicycle to work.



Dr. Brian Bornhold, NEPTUNE Canada

Dr. Bornhold studies geology.  He received his Bachelors from the University of Waterloo, his Masters from Duke University, and his PhD from WHOI/MIT.  He is project scientist for NEPTUNE Canada.

Dr. Kim Juniper, University of Victoria

Dr. Juniper studies microbiology, biogeochemistry, and marine food webs.  He received his Bachelors at the University of Alberta and his PhD at Canterbury University in Christchurch.  He is currently a professor at the University of Victoria, as well as the president of the Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility, which designed ROPOS.

Cheryl Katnick, NEPTUNE Canada

Cheryl is manager of Permits and Rights of Way for NEPTUNE Canada.  She received her Bachelors at British Columbia Institute of Technology.  She plays soccer.

Bob Meldrum, Geological Survey of Canada

Bob works on geophysical instrumentation.  He received his BS and Masters at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.  He has worked for the Geological Survey of Canada since 1992.  He flies small aircraft.

Science Party

Justin Bergquist, University of Washington

Justin is a senior in oceanography, focusing on geological and biological oceanography.  He currently filters stream water for the HCDOP, and will soon be analyzing Patagonian glacial sediments.  He enjoys SCUBA diving and Grog.

Dr. Joseph Chao, Arizona State University

Dr. Chao studies bioinstrumentation, the application of microscale devices for single cell measurement.  He received his BS from Feng-chia University and his MS at Cheng Kung University, both in Taiwan.  He also received an MS and PhD at the University of Washington.  He is currently a research assistant professor at Arizona State University.

Daniel Bowman, Macalester College

Daniel is a senior in geology, and is interested in volcanic seismology.  He is looking forward to visiting the Endeavor Segment.

Matthew Chien-Hom, University of Washington

Matthew is a senior in oceanography, focusing on geological and physical oceanography.  He has an interest in maritime history.

Mitchell Elend, University of Washington

Mitchell is with the UW School of Oceanography’s Hydrothermal Working Group.  He works with video and still imagery collected by submersibles and ROVs.  This cruise he hopes to image “Finn,” a chimney at the Mothra hydrothermal field that was cut off and recovered in 1998, and since regrown and recolonized by animal life.

Nathalie Forget, University of Quebec at Rimouski.  Nathalie studies marine biology.  She is interning at the University of Victoria to srudy microorganisms at hydrothermal vents.  She enjoys skiing and scuba diving.

Andrew Holle, Arizona State University

Andrew is a senior in biomedical engineering.  He is involved in the Center for Ecogenomics with Dr. Joseph Chao and Dr. Deirdre Meldrum.  He enjoys SCUBA diving.

Evan Howard, University of Washington

Evan studies chemistry and oceanography.  He works as a laboratory assistant in Dr. Steve Emerson’s lab, doing gas analysis.  He has a small, antisocial rabbit.

Brittany Kimball, University of Washington

Brittany is a double major in oceanography and geology.  She recently went on a cruise to study and collect sediment samples from the Antarctic fjords and is now analyzing those samples.  She plays the violin.

Georges Laszuk, Canadian Broadcasting Company

Georges received his Bachelors from the University of Loyola in Montreal.  He has been a documentary cameraman with the CBC for 33 years.  He coaches soccer.

Deni Malouf, University of Washington

Deni is a post-baccalaureate in biological oceanography, and has a B.A. in linguistics.  She is a teaching assistant at the UW School of Oceanography under Dr. Richard Strickland, and breeds African lovebirds on accident.

Edward Marshall IV, Germantown Friends School

Edward currently works with Dr. Doug Toomey and Dr. Emilie Hooft to analyze seismometer data collected from the Kolbiensey Ridge north of Iceland.  He plans to major in geology and specialize in volcanology or geophysics.

Sharmila Pal, University of Washington

Sharmila is a junior in chemistry and chemical oceanography and is working as a student researcher in Dr. Jim Murray’s lab.  In her free time, she enjoys reading Harry Potter.

Chase Stoudt, University of Washington

Chase is a senior in physical oceanography, and works for Dr. Mitsuhiro Kawase as a research assistant on computer models.  He likes to SCUBA dive.

Justin Sweet, University of Washington

Justin is a geophysics graduate student working on tremor location.  He analyzed seismic data from the Keck observatory network at Endeavor in 2004, and looks forward to seeing the instruments that produced the data he examined.

Bruce Titus, University of Washington

Bruce is a senior at the School of Oceanography, studying marine geology.  He was previously educated and employed as a marine technician prior to returning to school.  He is currently employed at the Seaglider Fabrication Center assembling Seaglider AUV’s.

Robert Weekly, University of Washington

Robert is a graduate student in marine geophysics, and is interested in seismic signal processing and applying those techniques to microearthquake data from the Keck OBS network.  He is a big baseball fan, and also hates random web comics.


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