Cruise Highlights

This links to our favorite screenshots of the seafloor.Low resolution Highlight screen shots

In order to get our seismic data we had to recover the instruments and data logers. This links to the Ocean Bottom Seismometer Page.OBS recovery page

One dive we discovered the 'plumbing' beneath a hydrothermal vent, as a exposed outcrops of altered basalts. This links to our favorite Pictures from the Stockworks site.Stockworks Photos

Sometimes during science, operations do not got as planned. Here is a story about some of those difficulties. When things do not go as planned

ROPOS tested a new type of system which lets the ROV lay small cable on the seafloor. This system known as ROCLS was tested towards the end of the cruise. The vehicle carries the cable and lays it, itself. ROCLS test

Ocean 411

School OF Oceanography University of Washington

Where We Went

Information about places we are going

placeholderNEPTUNE Canada
Canadian NEPTUNE cabled observatory


placeholderODP 889
ODP 889 Survey area



placeholderBarkely Canyon
Barkely Canyon Node Survey area



placeholderEndeavour Segment
Information about the Endeavor Segment