Optics class
logo, designed by 1989 class alum Dan Codiga OPTICAL OCEANOGRAPHY

University of Maine
School of Marine Science at the
Ira C. Darling Marine Center
July 16-August 18 2001

1998 Optical Oceanography

(Oceanography 590b)

University of Washington
School of Oceanography at
Friday Harbor Laboratories
July 20-August 22 1998


Class Description

The course integrates measurement, theory, and models to study underwater and remotely-sensed spectral light fields. Course elements include lectures, critical discussions of key papers and concepts, field and laboratory measurements, methods of data analysis, data assimilation into models, round-table discussions, and individual student projects. A special emphasis this summer will be on the integration of in-water optics with hyperspectral aircraft remote sensing of the optically-diverse Case II waters surrounding the San Juan Islands of Washington State. Students will have the opportunity to measure spectral radiance, irradiance, water-leaving radiance, absorption and scattering coefficients, and other optical properties in conjunction with a series of aircraft remote-sensing overflights. The in-water data will be assimilated into optical models and merged with concurrently-collected aircraft data. These data sets will be available for use in individual projects. Tuition fellowships are available.

Lecture topics include:

  • the nature of light, radiometric terms, and radiative transfer theory
  • inherent and apparent optical properties
  • the identity and characteristics of marine absorbers and scatterers
  • bio-optical models of primary production
  • remote sensing
  • applications of the Hydrolight optical model
  • Monte Carlo and inverse methods
  • instrument design, calibration and validation

Registration deadline is March 1, 1998. This is a 9-credit, graduate-level course and enrollment is limited to 16 students. Tuition fellowships are sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

For additional information contact Dr. Mary Jane Perry, School of Oceanography, UW, Seattle WA 98195-7940; email : FHLoptics@ocean.washington.edu

Click here for registration information, including a downloadable application form.

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