NATO 2001 Black Sea Expedition

R/V Knorr Cruise; May/June 2001; Chief Scientist: J.W. Murray

Pictured: The R/V Knorr docked in Karakoy, Istanbul. In the distance is Topkapi Palace

From left: Cathedral of Hagia Sophia, The Yeni Cami Mosque with the Bosporus in the background, Along the Bosporus

Cruise Purpose:

The purpose of this study is to gain valuable knowledge on the properties of the Black Sea. The Black Sea is the worlds largest anoxic basin and provides much needed insight on the interface betweeen oxic and anoxic water layers. The chemistry and biology of the Black Sea have been severely impacted by anthropogenic effects. It serves as a prototype example of how human impact can change the coastal ocean. There were two main objectives of this cruise.

1. A detailed study of the suboxic zone region that exists at the boundary between the oxic surface and anoxic (sulfide containing) deep water in the Black Sea.

2. To conduct a JGOFS style study of carbon resevoirs and fluxes in the euphotic zone, consistent with the goals of the current NATO Science for Peace Black Sea Project (971818 ODBMS).

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2001 Knorr Cruise, Voyage 162, Leg 16 (Leg 1)

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Table of Station Locations


Event Log



Cruise Data


2001 Knorr Cruise, Voyage 162, Leg 17 (Leg 2)

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Table of Station Locations


Event Log



Cruise Data



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