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Accepts Ocean Graduate Students

Name Position Email Specialty Accepting Graduate Students
Barry B. Ma Affiliate Assistant Professor binbing@uw.edu Acoustical & Physical Oceanography  
Parker MacCready Professor pmacc@uw.edu Coastal and Estuarine Fluid Dynamics  
Georgy Manucharyan Assistant Professor gmanuch@uw.edu Physical Oceanography  
Seelye Martin Professor Emeritus seelye@uw.edu Remote sensing studies  
Russell McDuff Professor Emeritus mcduff@uw.edu Chemisty, Geology and Physics of Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems  
Dean McManus Professor Emeritus mcmanus@uw.edu Geoscience education, marine geology and geophysics, and continental shelf sediments  
Craig McNeil Affiliate Assistant Professor cmcneil@uw.edu  
Michael McPhaden Affiliate Professor michael.j.mcphaden@noaa.gov Tropical ocean dynamics and climate  
Sabine Mecking Affiliate Assistant Professor mecking@uw.edu  
Susanna Michael Lecturer smicha@uw.edu  
Harold Mofjeld Affiliate Professor hmofjeld@uw.edu  
Dennis Moore Affiliate Professor dwmoore@uw.edu  
Jamie Morison Affiliate Professor jhm2@uw.edu Upper ocean physical processes in the polar regions  
Robert Morris Associate Professor morrisrm@uw.edu Marine Microbial Ecology, Bacterioplankton Physiology, Microbial Community Interactions  
James W. Murray Professor jmurray@uw.edu Trace metals and U-Th series radionuclides in marine and fresh water