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Accepts Ocean Graduate Students

Name Position Email Specialty Accepting Graduate Students
Craig Lee APL Professor WOT craiglee@uw.edu Upper ocean and frontal dynamics, high-latitude oceanography, biogeochemical interactions and instrument development  
Ren-Chieh Lien Affiliate Professor rcl@uw.edu Physical Oceanography, Internal Waves, Turbulence Mixing, Surface Mixed Layer, Bottom Boundary Layer|Equatorial Turbulence|Mooring  
Evelyn Lessard Professor elessard@uw.edu Microzooplankton ecology and physiology; physical/biological interactions at oceanic fronts  
Marvin Lilley Professor lilley@uw.edu Chemistry and microbiology of hydrothermal systems  
Brian Lewis Professor Emeritus blewis@uw.edu  
J. Wesley Lauer Affiliate Assistant Professor lauerj@seattleu.edu Geomorphology, Sediment Transport, Surface Hydrology  
Pascale Lelong pascale@nwra.com Physical Oceanography  
Miles Logsdon Principal Lecturer mlog@uw.edu Spatial Pattern Analysis, GIS and Remote Sensing  
Amanda Labrado all19@uw.edu