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Alex Gagnon Assistant Professor gagnon@uw.edu    
Richard Gammon Professor Emeritus gammon@uw.edu Biogeochemistry of trace gases and climate change    
Peter Gaube Affiliate Associate Professor pgaube@uw.edu    
James Girton Affiliate Assistant Professor girton@uw.edu Overflows, eddies, internal waves, and mixing; motional induction; profiling floats    
Alison Gray Assistant Professor argray@uw.edu    
Michael Gregg Professor Emeritus mgregg@uw.edu Physical oceanography, ocean microstructure, coastal and estuarine processes, hydraulics, internal waves    
Daniel Grünbaum Professor random@uw.edu a broadly cross-disciplinary array of scientific approaches from population biology, behavioral ecology, mathematical biology, biomechanics, and fluid dynamics    

* Currently Accepting Graduate Students    ** Currently Hiring Undergraduate Students