100 Level Oceanography Classes for Winter Quarter

Winter Quarter Classes 2021-22

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Oceanography Of The Pacific Northwest: *Special Topic* Introduction to Environmental Monitoring and Technology 

Winter Quarter  |  NW  |  5 credits |  SLN 18458

This course is in person with lectures MTR 10:30 am – 11:20 am, and lab sections W 10:30am or 12:30pm.

Technology is increasingly helping us better study our oceans, improving our ability to observe changing environmental conditions over space and time. Students are introduced to a wide range of technologies, instrumentation, and sensor systems in the context of scientific case studies. Students will have the opportunity to learn about, practice using, and work with data from various technologies and monitoring techniques.

From sensors to robots to satellites and more… Come learn about the exciting tools and technologies used to study our changing oceans and environment!

Contact Professor Sasha Seroy at sseroy@uw.edu for more information.



The Changing Ocean

Winter Quarter  |  NW or I&S  |  5 credits  |  SLN 18461

This class is hybrid so it has online and in person components. The lecture materials will be posted online, and in-person quiz sections on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Historical case studies of research on the ancient oceans, deep-sea exploration, climate change and the oceans, and human impacts on marine life. Students consider societal factors affecting progress in marine science, changing popular attitudes toward the oceans, and key current policy implications of marine science. Intended for nonmajors.

 The ocean has protected us from the worst effects of climate change. But our oceans are changing quickly and are in peril. Learn about the threats to the ocean and human health and how you can help save our planets most valuable resource.

Contact Professor Mikelle Nuwer mrasmuss@uw.edu for more information.



Deep Sea Exploration: Submarine Volcanoes And Novel Life Forms

Winter Quarter  |  NW  |  2 credits  |  SLN 18470

This class is in person with lectures Wednesday  2:30 - 4:20 pm (materials posted online), and in-Person quiz sections on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Examines the dynamic marine processes that shape the planet and cutting-edge oceanographic technologies used to explore the deepest oceans. Includes imagery of rarely seen submarine volcanic eruptions, hot springs, and novel life forms highlighting the interconnected geological-biological processes creating the most extreme environments on Earth.

Over 70% of the volcanism on Earth is hidden in the ocean depths. Here, life thrives at underwater hot springs in some of the most extreme environments known. 

Come explore this rarely visited, dynamic environment through stunning imagery taken with underwater robots and submarines.

Contact Professor Deb Kelley dskelley@uw.edu for more information.

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