Announcing the James and Pamela Murray Scholarship Award

Chlorophyll Concentrations

Professor James W. Murray and Pamela Murray have announced their scholarship award to the University of Washington!

The Endowed Ph.D. Fellowship in Chemical Oceanography will provide support for Ph.D. education. This includes first year packages, relocation costs, research support, training support, travel stipends, and more. The fellowships goal is to support as many Ph.D. students as funds adequately can. The award is funded with a total of $100,000 as well as matching funds totaling $18,000.

This is Jim and Pam Murray's vision of funding the recruitment activities to attract students and provide flexible support that can be used over their graduate career to help achieve their education and research objectives. They created this long-term support to inspire future researchers and scientists in this field, because of the importance chemical oceanography holds in understanding the environment. 

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