Bachelor of Science Degree - Other Course Requirements

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Oceanography (180 credits): Oceanography, Basic Science, Upper Division Science and Other Courses

Other Course Requirements

English Composition:

Five credits of English composition with a grade of 2.0 or higher is required, from the list below:

C LIT 240 - Writing in Comparative Literature
ENGL 104-105 - Introductory Composition (open to EOP students only)
ENGL 111 - Composition: Literature
ENGL 121 - Composition: Social Issues
ENGL 131 - Composition: Exposition
ENGL 197 - Interdisciplinary Writing/Humanities (VLPA)
ENGL 198 - Interdisciplinary Writing/Social Science (I&S)
ENGL 199 - Interdisciplinary Writing/Natural Science (NW)
ENGL 281 - Intermediate Expository Writing
Junior- and senior-level expository writing courses are also acceptable

Areas of Knowledge:

Humanities - the Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts, VLPA (10 Credits)
Social Sciences - Individuals and Society, I&S (20 Credits)


Ten credits of writing, eight of which must be in Oceanography, are required. OCEAN 220 and OCEAN 444 fill this requirement.

OCEAN 220 Introduction to Field Oceanography (3/5) NW
Design and conduct a field study in oceanography. Field trip required during Spring break. Focus on active learning, deployment of instruments, data collection, interpretation, and presentation. Writing class. Prerequisite: either OCEAN 210 or OCEAN/FISH/BIOL 250. Offered: Sp.

OCEAN 444 Advanced Field Oceanography (5) NW
Conduct field experiment (designed in OCEAN 443) during a week-long cruise aboard a research vessel. Analyze samples data and present results in a series of drafts and a final term paper. Results are presented at a two-day-long public research symposium and on the students' individual Web sites. Prerequisite: OCEAN 443. Offered: Sp.