Banse Seminar Series

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The Banse Oceanography Seminar Series is named in honor of Dr. Karl Banse, who was recently named as a AAAS fellow, honored for his continuing work on the ecology of the plankton.  This year's quarter-long seminar series is being held during Fall Quarter (2020), organized by Dr. Jodi Young.  The series will be held on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:50. This year (Fall 2020) the seminars will be held remotely via zoom

You can also go to UW Zoom ( and join the meeting using ID: 94709092371. Any problems please contact

FALL 2020  Upcoming Seminars

Sep 30             

Yackar Mauzole, Postdoctoral Researcher. Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Thermal fronts in the California Current System and beyond.

Oct 7            

Allison Moreno, Postdoctoral Researcher. Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, UCLA

Marine Particulate Respiration Quotient: Linking Ocean Oxygen and Carbon Cycling

Oct 14           

Lavenia Ratnarajah, Postdoctoral Researcher. Dept. of Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences, University of Liverpool

Resource colimitation drives competition between phytoplankton and bacteria in the Southern Ocean

Oct 21 

Maria Rosa. George & Carol Milne Assistant Professor of Biology. Connecticut College        

Resilience in a changing environment: organismal to ecosystem level responses.

Twitter: @pelecypod_chats

Oct 28

Deepa Rao, Postdoctoral researcher. Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, MIT

Patterns of microbe-driven vitamin B 12 cycling in Antarctic coastal seas


Twitter: @OceanDeepa

NOTE SPECIAL TIME: Friday Nov 6 at 2:30pm       

Elise Wilkes, Agouron Postdoctoral Fellow. Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences. Caltech

Isotopic fingerprints of photosynthesis and photorespiration in phytoplankton

NOTE SPECIAL TIME: Friday Nov 13 at 2:30pm        

Danielle Santiago Ramos, Postdoctoral Researcher, WHOI

Potassium cycling in seawater: Insights from stable potassium isotopes (41K/39K)

Nov 18            

CANCELLED: Shuoshuo Han, Research Associate. Institute for Geophysics. University of Texas as Austin

** ESS COLLOQUIUM OF INTEREST NOV 19  3:30 – 5 p.m   LINK       

Christine Chelsey, graduate student. Electromagnetic Geophysics Lab. LDEO

Nov 25 Virtual screening of Picture A Scientist click here for details.     

Dec 2

Precious Mongwe, Postdoctoral Researcher, Climate and Global Dynamics Lab. NCAR

Climatic controls on metabolic constraints in the ocean

Dec 9 

Angelica Rodriguez, Postdoctoral Researcher. Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Estuarine-nearshore interactions in a changing climate

Twitter: ARod4Oceans




Winter 2020

Jan 8             Colleen Hoffman, School of Oceanography, UW.     The changing paradigm of hydrothermal iron and ligands in hydrothermal plumes

Jan 15           Anna Boyar and Khadijah Homolka, School of Oceanography, UW.     Pairing Academic Research and Allyship in the Face of Climate Change

Jan 22           Julie Barber, Senior Shellfish Biologist, Swinomish Indian Tribe.   Treaty fishing rights and tribal science: An example from the Swinomish Fisheries Department

Jan 29           Evan Soloman, School of Oceanography, UW.   A decade digging in the mud - investigating the role of continental margin sediment diagenesis in marine geochemical        cycles

Feb 5             Howard Spero, Earth and Planetary Sciences, UC Davis.  Improving Paleoceanographic Reconstructions: Carbon Isotopes, the Carbonate Ion Effect and Other Long-Ignored Problems

Feb 12           Seth Book, EPA Coordinator, Skokomish Indian Tribe.   Skokomish Tribe Water Quality Program: Monitoring Harmful Algal Toxins, Coccolithophores and fish kills in the Hood Canal 

Feb 19           Karl Banse, School of Oceanography, UW.  Do we live in a bottom-up controlled but top-down regulated world, including the micrometer-sized aquatic cells?

Feb 26           Sarah Frias-Torres, Coral Reef Scientist, Vulcan Inc.   Restoring Reefs Using Corals Adapted to Climate Change

Mar 6              UW students and postdocs present their Ocean Sciences Talks
Hannah Glover, grad student,  "Comparing Distributary-Channel Hydrodynamics and Sediment Dynamics in a Tide-Dominated, Tropical Delta: The Ayeyarwady River Delta, Myanmar"
Suneil Iyer, grad student,         "Assessing the impacts of tropical rainfall on near-surface salinity and turbulence using observations from the SPURS-2 Experiment and a 1-D forced model".
Sarah Ragen, grad student,      "How does coastline shape influence meridional overturning?" 

Mar 11          CANCELLED DUE TO COVID CLOSURE: Brian Rosenberg, Hydrodynamicist, Oscilla Power.  Progress in ocean wave energy harvesting