Basic Math and Science Courses

The foundational science and math courses for the Oceanography major are:


MATH 124 MATH 125
Physics PHYS 121 OCEAN 285/286
offered in Fall Qtrs
Chemistry CHEM 120 or 
CHEM 142 and CHEM 152
offered in Winter Qtrs
Biology BIOL 180 BIOL 200
Geology ESS 210 or ESS 211
offered once per year, qtrs vary


In addition, 5 credits of elective basic science and math are required, chosen from MATH 126, PHYS 122, CHEM 152, BIOL 220 or OCEAN 270.

Students interested in graduate school in physical oceanography or marine geophysics should take the full Calculus and Physics series (MATH 124-125-126 and PHYS 121-122-123).  Students with this background may elect to take a 3-credit version of Ocean 285 with permission of the instructor.

Students interested in graduate school in chemical oceanography should take the full CHEM 142-152-162 series.  

Students interested in graduate school in biological oceanography should take either BIOL 220 or OCEAN 270 as their elective quarter of math/science foundation.

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