Biolunch Seminar, 12 Feb

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Biological Oceanography Lunch Seminar
Understanding and managing range dynamics in a warming ocean

Alexa Fredston-Hermann
UC Santa Barbara — Bren School of Environmental Science & Management

11:30 A.M., 123 Marine Sciences Building

Species around the globe are shifting their ranges in response to climate change. Range shifts can help species escape climate-related extinction, but species that cannot disperse to or survive in new habitats may remain under threat. Understanding range edges is particularly crucial for natural resource management, because edges are where colonization and extinction actually occur. I present preliminary results from an analysis of annual equatorward and poleward range edge dynamics of marine fishes in a multi-decade time-series of trawl surveys conducted on the Northeast U.S. shelf during a period of rapid warming. I then discuss the implications of range shifts and biogeographic processes for the design of marine protected areas, which are often promoted as interventions to build climate change resilience but are small and fixed in space.  

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