Biolunch Seminar, 6 Apr 2021

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Biological Oceanography Lunch Seminar
Evolution and adaptations of novel Marinobacter strains from cryopeg brines

Zac Cooper
UW School of Oceanography

11:30 A.M., via Zoom


Marinobacter species are found globally in environments that are cold, saline, and organic rich. The microbial communities of cryopeg brines, perennially subzero relict marine inclusions in coastal permafrost, have been found to harbor dense communities of bacteria dominated by the genus Marinobacter. We have isolated and sequenced the genomes of four strains of these abundant extremophiles to investigate their evolution, phylogeny, and adaptations in relation to the rest of the genus using pangenomics. Our analyses show that Marinobacter species found in subzero brines from both poles form a distinct clade separated from the rest of the genus and that they encode genes derived from horizontal gene transfer that reflect adaptations to their extreme environment. 

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