CAB Shipboard Facilities

Berthing Facilities

There is one berthing area for the scientific party. There are six bunks arranged in two tiers of three. Lockers are available for storage of personal effects. 

Messing and Mess Facilities 

R/V BARNES has a small galley/mess deck area which also serves as a lounge, as it is the only space on board with seating. The normal routine is for the CAB crew to prepare the evening meal. During heavy weather, reduced visibility or if the sampling schedule does not provide a break, there will not be an evening meal prepared. Science party is responsible for the post evening meal clean up. All hands will prepare their own breakfast and lunch, cleaning up promptly. All hands are responsible for keeping the galley and mess deck clean and clutter free. If the Chief Scientist prefers a different arrangement for meals, or wants to bring a cook, he should contact the Captain well in advance to discuss alternatives.

Potable Water

R/V BARNES carries 800 gallons of potable water, conservation is necessary. There is one head/shower compartment to serve the entire vessel's complement. Please keep showers short and don't leave the fresh water running.


Intra ship communication is via direct contact or use of the three-station intercom. External communications are available through the cellular telephone and Fleet Broad Band, Sailor 500, with phone; users will be responsible for calls made and received.

Port Captain updated 2012 Jan 04