CARSON Cruise Planning Timeline


Submit all documentation to Meegan Corcoran ( and Loren Tuttle ( by the dates outlined below. Submission delays may result in unavailable equipment as well as delayed or canceled departures.

A marine technician is required for any cruise that will be operating shipboard scientific equipment and/or crane and wire usage.

Space aboard the R/V RACHEL CARSON is limited to 12 science members during day trips and up to 10 on overnight trips. 


  • Due upon scheduling: 
    • Mission Summary
  • 6 Months prior:
    • Foreign clearances, permits, licenses
  • 4 Weeks prior:
    • Notice to Mariners due 4 Tuesdays before departure
    • Cruise Plan
  • 2 Weeks prior:
    • Passenger Manifest and documentation


Mission Summary:

Provide the general location of study, goals, types of research including necessary equipment and sensors and rough science party size estimate. You may substitute a funding proposal if one was submitted, approved and includes the following.

  • Scientific sensors
  • Other scientific equipment
  • Ship provided hardware
  • Deck mounted hardware provided by science party
    • Space requirements
    • Electrical requirements
    • Hydraulic requirements
    • Other:

Clearances, Permits, Licenses:

Requests for foreign clearances, export licenses or any applicable permitting must be be initiated at least 6 months prior to cruise departure.

Notice to Mariners:

The Notice to Mariner’s for work in traffic lanes is due 4th Tuesday prior to departure.

If the planned work involves deployment of buoys or instruments that will be left in the water post cruise or out of sight of CAB during the cruise a Local Notice to Mariners (LNM) will need to be published.

If the planned work is in high traffic areas it may require publishing a LNM.  

High traffic areas are in and adjacent to the Vessel Traffic Services lanes (VTS).  In ports and their approaches serving heavy traffic for example Elliot Bay, Commencement Bay, Victoria Harbor.  Restricted channels with heavy traffic for example Rich Passage.  And rivers used by heavy traffic for example the Columbia River between the entrance and Port of Portland.

Detailed Cruise Plan:

A detailed cruise plan includes each of the following:

  • Anticipated timeline
  • Load and unload dates and requirements
  • On-site and underway operations
  • Daily itinerary
  • Navigation data including waypoints and tracklines in GPX format
  • Updated equipment requests
  • Navigation: Please provide short unique waypoint names for ease of navigation.

Passenger Documentation:

Notes on Passenger Manifest: Specify passengers living aboard, daily participants and rotating passengers.

Updated 16 May 2019, Meegan Corcoran