Chem Lunch Seminar, 1 May 2020

Friday, May 01, 2020

Chemical Oceanography Lunch Seminar
Autonomous optics of the biological carbon pump

Jim Bishop
UC Berkeley

1:30 P.M., via Zoom
Zoom meeting link:


I plan to talk about scientific findings from 2016 and 2017 deployments of Carbon Flux Explorers (CFE) in waters in productive California coastal waters and the north Pacific gyre. The CFE is an autonomous imaging optical sediment recorder interfaced to a SOLO-2 profiling float that directly measures particle flux to kilometer depths in the water column. Briefly, we confirm very high POC export efficiency in California coastal waters, a result greatly different than expected from Martin curves. 

In a related effort we deployed CTD mounted transmissometer and birefringence sensors during the 2018 GEOTRACES GP15 transect (Adak to Tahiti); comparison with simultaneously measured PIC and POC in McLane Pump samples provides a direct validation of derived optical proxies for POC and PIC. The results justify adding particle concentration sensors to the CFE and would enable simultaneous measurement of PIC and POC concentrations and flux for missions lasting for seasons (hourly) to multiple years.

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