Class of 2012

The Oceanography class of 2012

The School of Oceanography at the University of Washington enjoys an academic environment that fosters advancement of the ocean sciences, and brings students and faculty alike to the forefront of understanding the ocean through observation, theory, modeling and technological innovation.  Each spring, we share the success of students that are awarded the Bachelor of Science (BS), Master of Science (MS), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees, as well as their amazing experiences of exploration.

Our School's director, Dr. Virginia Armbrust, Professor of Biological Oceanography and the entire faculty and staff ask that you join us in celebrating this past academic year.

End of the Year Events

Honors Convocation - April 26th

The School of Oceanography held its annual honors convocation on Thursday, April 26.  At this event, we recognize high achieving young scholars across the entire spectrum from freshmen to senior graduate students.

Undergraduate Research Symposium - May 18

A dozen of our students will present their work at Mary Gates Hall, noon - 5:30 pm.

Senior Thesis Symposium - June 5 and 7

Students present their work in the eastern tropical North Pacific in two sessions, June 5 and June 7, 1:30-4:30, Ocean Sciences Building 425

School of Oceanography, Graduation Celebration - June 8th

This event will be held in the Ocean Sciences Building, Room 425, 3:00-5:00pm.  RSVP to Tracie Watkins at

A Message from our Dean:

Celebrating Graduation 2012 with Carbon Offsets:

Dear Graduates,

As Dean of the College of the Environment, I am excited to share with you that this year we have purchased carbon offsets as a gift in celebration of each of our 460 graduating students. Recognizing that you are the next generation of leaders in environmental science and decision-making, we believe this is a contribution that showcases our collective commitment to the sustainability and well-being of our society and our planet. We are splitting our investment – based on your popular vote – between two exciting projects supported through Reforestation & Avoided Deforestation Projects and Renewable Energy & Methane Projects. We were able to offset one metric ton of CO2 per graduating student, for a total of 460 metric tons! That is the equivalent of offsetting the burning of over 50,000 gallons of gasoline.

We hope you are as excited about this gift as we are. This investment produces more with less and sequesters carbon, all while saving and protecting habitat and natural resources – which I believe is a reflection of what we value as a whole at the College.

Congratulations to all of you on achieving this major milestone. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you in the many fruitful years to come.


Dean, College of the Environment


UW, Graduation Ceremony - June 9th

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