Class of 2016

End of the Year Events

The School of Oceanography at the University of Washington enjoys an academic environment that fosters advancement of the ocean sciences, and brings students and faculty alike to the forefront of understanding the ocean through observation, theory, modeling and technological innovation. Each spring, we share the success of students that are awarded the Bachelor of Science (BS), Master of Science (MS), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees, as well as their amazing experiences of exploration.

Our School's director, Dr. Virginia Armbrust, Professor of Biological Oceanography and the entire faculty and staff ask that you join us in celebrating this past academic year.

End of the Year Events

Senior Thesis Symposium - June 8th and 9th

  • Students present their research work in two sessions, June 8th and June 9th, 1:00-4:00, Ocean Sciences Building 425

School of Oceanography, Graduation Celebration - June 10th

The School of Oceanography congratulates the following students on their successful completion of our degree requirements during 2015-2016.

Bachelor of Science in Oceanography

  • Dan Anderson
  • Christopher Archer
  • Rachel Axtman
  • Mara (Elise) Baldwin
  • Katherine Ball
  • Michael Bamonte
  • Cory Baranski
  • Katie Bigham
  • Natasha Christman
  • Terryll Daguison
  • Hannah Delapp
  • Amber Giacone
  • Carissa Gordon
  • Lisa Hansen
  • Erin Haphey
  • Genevieve Hinde
  • Dalena Huynh
  • Daniel Keating
  • Lauren Kowalski
  • Samantha Lau
  • Marine LeBrec
  • Jacquelyn Mart
  • Zoe Martin
  • Drew McWhirter
  • Alex Mitchell-Morton
  • Krista Nunnally
  • Jordan Omoto
  • Kalloway Page
  • Miya Pavlock McAuliffe
  • Shon Purdy
  • Katrina Radach
  • Blair Rehder
  • Gabriel Reichenberger
  • Erica Sampaga
  • Madeline Savage
  • Ian Schlegel
  • Jennifer Schmidt
  • Bethany Shepler
  • Miranda Stach
  • Eryn Strong
  • Alyssa Tinnon
  • Jesse Turner
  • Trevor Uptain
  • Daryn White
  • Jessica Zannakis

Master of Science in Oceanography

  • Elise Bonnin
  • Elizabeth Brasseale
  • Owen Coyle
  • Sarah Dewey
  • Evan Firth
  • Shirley Leung
  • Paige Logan
  • Tessa McGee
  • Jake Steinberg
  • Helena Van Tol
  • Marta Wolfshorndl

Doctor of Philosophy in Oceanography

  • Jessica Anderson
  • Pamela Barrett
  • Seth Bushinsky
  • Michael Carlson
  • Brian Chinn
  • Hayley Dosser
  • John Guthrie
  • Tyler Hennon
  • Vaughn Iverson
  • Hilary Palevsky
  • Noel Pelland
  • Andrew Shao
  • Melinda Webster
  • Jacob Wenegrat