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Class of 2022

This year's graduation will be in person on Thursday, June 9, in the historic UW Shell House (home to "the boys in the boat"). We will be the first department to host a graduation in the facility, and you are invited! Please consider attending and cheering on our graduates, or better yet volunteer to help set up the food and host our families and guests. It's a fun event to host. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Michelle Townsend. Our commencement speaker this year will Dr. Alyn Duxbury (the first person to receive a BS in Oceanography in 1955).  I’ll also wax on poetic, so let me start by saying that I’m proud of you, I’ll miss having you around, and welcome to the world of being an alumnus. The School is still here for you, posting job openings and providing happy hours and events for alumni!  You are always welcome here – stop back often for a coffee or a chat.   --Rick Keil

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Honoring College of the Environment Class of 2022 Graduates

Congratulations to the Class of 2022! Believe it or not, it is graduation season. A time of year where we come together to celebrate our graduates and their many accomplishments here at UW and the College of the Environment. In appreciation of their contributions to enriching the College of the Environment community, the College is honoring our graduates through funding a project jointly with the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF).

Based on the recommendation of our Student Advisory Council and a vote by our graduating students, the College will help fund the Fresh Food Recovery for the UW Food Pantry project. The UW Food Pantry is a student run organization that provides food to UW students, staff, and faculty at no cost to support those who are facing food insecurity. They provide produce and non-perishable food items and are currently expanding their efforts to glean food from campus dining locations and the UW Farm. This allows the Food Pantry to save food that would otherwise be thrown away due to its sell-by date. Through this initiative, over 5,000 pounds of ready to eat campus food was diverted from the land fill in a year. With our support and the Campus Sustainability Fund, the Food Pantry will purchase a new refrigerator that increases the storage for more fresh food and healthy nutritious options for community members and will continue to fund a gleaning coordinator position. We are excited for the expansion of the Food Pantry and the opportunity to increase the sustainability and well-being of our Husky community.

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