Communications & Email

Emergency Contact Information

Captain's Email:

Captain's Cell: 206-409-4046 (inport only)

Inmarsat: 011-870-773-153-093 

(011 is to call outside the US. If calling from a different country you will need the appropriate code for that country.)

In an emergency situation, if you are unable to reach the vessel contact Doug Russell or Bill Rall.

Email and Internet

Email and internet can be accessed via HiSeasNET free of charge. HiSeasNet speeds will be slower than typical shore connections. In order to keep the ship wide shared link speed reasonable, large images are discouraged, and other limits may be imposed. Outages may be caused when the antenna is obscured by the ship's mast or stack and during shoreside maintenance outages (usually we are informed in advance). Science and administrative purposes have priority. Personal use may be disconnected during operations. See the RV Tech on board after you arrive for details.

Email best practices: Personal laptops with email clients configured for POP or IMAP can send and receive email over the ship's wireless internet without changing any configurations.

ssid: tgt
password: r/v thompson

Off ship internet access/browsing is limited to necessary computers to keep our bandwidth low and speed up. There are public internet terminals in the Main Lab, Ship's Office and Library which are available for internet browsing and accessing web-based email. These computers have frozen hard drives which means anything you save to them will be lost if the computer is restarted. Don't save anything here that you have to keep.

If a shipboard email address is necessary, please see your RV Tech. Shipboard email can be accessed from any computer by logging in to indian with your username and password and using the program pine. You can also get it through the Read/Send Email link on the lefthand side of the internal Thompson home page (accessible by any public or private computer on the network). Shipboard email sent while HiSeasNET is down will be queued until the HiSeasNET link is restored.

If these options do not meet your networking needs, you can speak to the Chief Scientist and/or RV Tech to make other arrangements.

Computers in the computer lab are not for email/internet access. They are dedicated data acquisition machines. Do not use them for web browsing/email or processing data.

Data Availability

Almost all shipboard data is recorded on local machines, then backed up to network storage. An exception is the DAS data which is written directly to the network storage. Ship data can be accessed by mounting ship-data and following the directions below or through a web browser at

Please see Onboard Data Systems for more information. The ship's primary server is indian. Indian hosts ship-data, a read only network drive of shipboard data and cruiseshare a writeable share for exchanging cruise specific science files.

On a PC, go to My Computer and select Map Network Drive,
ship-data can be found at \\\FTP\ship-data
and cruise share at \\\cruiseshare.

On a Mac under Finder select Go > Connect to Server and enter
smb:// for ship-data and
smb:// for cruiseshare.

Network Connections

The Thompson is equiped with a fiber optic Ethernet network with drops in all labs and staterooms. Wired network connections are not supported in the staterooms but wireless access is available shipwide. Network switches are available in all lab spaces and the library.

If a static IP address is required, please see your RV Tech to make one available to you.

Some Useful Information

Ship's Web site:
Available from any shipboard computer.

Main Server: indian
Server IP:
Subnet mask:

MS Workgroup: TGT
WINS Server: (indian)
Name Server: or
DHCP Server: (indian)
NTP Time Server:
Whatever network you are on, the time server can be found at .14