Computer Modeling and Visualization

Computer technology is at the heart of modern oceanographic research and scientific communication.  

The Center for Environmental Visualization (CEV) has over 15 years experience designing, developing and delivering dynamic web applications with stunning scientific visualizations and graphics.  The group also specializes in the creation of high impact presentations for environmental science and engineering storytelling.  Working with scientists, CEV employs technical and aesthetic skills to accurately portray earth and ocean processes for scientific communications.

Several research groups use high-performance cluster computing to simulate regional to global scale ocean circulation and models of the climate system.  LiveOcean is a computer model simulating ocean water properties in the NE Pacific and Salish Sea. The project goal is to provide 3-7 day forecasts of Aragonite saturation state and pH of waters entering shellfish growing areas on the coast.

The Center for Environmental Genomics uses cutting edge molecular analysis techniques, cluster computing and novel software to understand how plankton and microbes respond to and modify the ocean ecosystem.