Cruise Planning Time Line

A timeline of activities to coordinate with the Marine Operations Staff and Shipboard Science Support Group

Very Long Lead Time (at least one year before the Cruise): 

  • Complete and submit a Ship Request Form to NSF

Long Lead Time (greater than 6 months before the Cruise):

  • Seek Foreign clearances to work in EEZs
  • Seismic profiling permitting applications and impact studies

At least 120 days before the Cruise:

Note concerning mobilization and equipment onload planning:  If you are mobilizing at the UW dock, please go to UW Port Information. The dock is small and does not allow parking. Onloads need advance plannning to ensure trucks and cranes are coordinated. The Port Engineer is in charge of the dock. For the equipment shipping information, go to Directions, School of Oceanography.

If you are onloading in a different port, you may use our agent or arrange your own. Questions and details about your mobilization can be discussed during your pre-cruise meeting or telephone conference. 

At least 60 days before the Cruise, complete and submit:

At least 30 days before the Cruise, complete and submit:

At least 14 days before the Cruise, complete and submit the following:

  • Science Equipment Manifest (includes equipment and gear shipped to the School prior to the cruise)
  • Ship's Berthing Plan

 Day of Cruise during your mobilization, be prepared to complete the following once on board:

  • Meet with the Captain and key crew to ensure all is ready to sail
  • Science Party Safety, Security, & Familiarization Briefing

Upon Completion of the Cruise, complete and submit:

Updated 03 March 2020 by Supervisor SSSG