Cruise Planning Timeline

UW Marine Operations is utilizing the UNOLS Marine Facilities Planner to schedule and plan future research cruises.


For inquiries related to R/V Rachel Carson cruise planning please find information HERE or reach out to UW Marine Operations. Marine Operations contacts can be found HERE.


Cruise Planning Timeline – R/V Thomas G Thompson

At least One Year Prior

  • Complete and submit a shiptime request to NSF (PI, Chief Scientist)

Six Months Prior

  • Seek Foreign Clearances to work in EEZs (UW MarOps with direction of Chief Scientist)
  • Seismic Profiling Permitting Applications and Impact Studies 
  • Initial Planning Meeting with UW Marine Operations (UW MarOps will schedule)
  • Invitation to Project Management in the UNOLS MFP (UW MarOps)

Three Months Prior

  • Second Planning Meeting with UW Marine Operations team (UW MarOps will schedule)
  • Radioisotopes Declaration and Description in MFP (Chief Scientist)
  • Draft Deck Plan Submitted in MFP (Chief Scientist)

One Month Prior

  • Complete Required MFP Sections (Chief Scientist)
    • Draft Supply Agreement (Chief Scientist)
    • Hazardous Materials Finalized (Chief Scientist)
  • MFP Participant Portal Open (UW MarOps)
  • All participants complete UNOLS Shipboard Civility Training (Chief Scientist)
  • Participant Contact Manifest submitted to UW Marine Operations (Chief Scientist)

Two Weeks

  • Final Planning Meeting (if needed)
  • Science Equipment Manifest (Chief Scientist)
  • COVID Testing Arranged (UW MarOps)
  • Berthing Plan Submitted (Chief Scientist)


  • In port schedule from Port Captain (UW MarOps)
  • Meet with the Captain and Key Crew (Chief Scientist)
  • Science Party Safety, Security, & Familiarization Briefing (Ship's Crew)


  • Complete Post-Cruise Evaluation (Chief Scientist)


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Updated 20 December 2021 by Assistant Port Captain