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New Instructions for Virtual Doctoral Exams as of January 2022.

UW School of Oceanography graduate students must select the option in which they pursue their degrees. There are four options, Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Marine Geology & Geophysics, and Physical Oceanography. For each option, the student must complete prescribed courses, attend the weekly seminar, and complete advanced coursework. The program offers a non-thesis Master's degrees which is earned on the way to a student's Ph.D. in Oceanography.

Graduate option degree requirements are outlined in detail in the files linked on the right of this page.

There are some great Academic Opportunities for our Graduate Students to add to your Oceanography degree. 

Check for Graduate Funding Opportunities.

For details of all requirements, see the Graduate Student Guide.

Visit the College of the Environment's Graduate Student Resources page.

Visit the UW Graduate School's Resources for Graduate Students page.

Find out how to obtain the mentoring you need from the Graduate Student Mentor Guide.

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