Diver and Jellyfish

Dive into the major...

We offer several introductory courses where you can get a rich exposure to Oceanography without prerequisites.  Ocean 101102 ,121 and 161 are designed for students from any major. Ocean 200/201 is designed for students who probably want to major in a STEM field, and is also the first required course in the Oceanography major core sequence.

If you are new to the major or thinking about it, the best thing you can do is to enroll in the 1-credit seminar Ocean 100 which meets every Fall to provide all the info you need about the major and more -- you will leave with a sample individualized course plan in hand, having met many of our faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and knowing a lot more about the cutting edge research happening in Oceanography.

Combining your Oceanography degree with a degree from another program is one way our students tailor their degree to match their diverse interests.  Other degrees you may want to consider as a double major or minor include:

     Related Majors in the College of the Environment

    Related Majors in the College of the Arts and Sciences

    Related Interdisciplinary Minors

If you can't find what you need here, contact Michelle Townsend, our student adviser -- she is always available for advice and information.