Day 1 Senior 2014 Thesis Cruise

December 11 2014

Dear Diary,

Today is a good day. We have had no sleep, but we all managed to make it on the boat. Except for John, because he broke his leg. Sorry John, but you haven’t missed much. Yet. Sean is going to sleep now, around noon, as he is the most sensible among us. We are currently on transit to the second net tow station where Bryan, who is wearing a headband to hold down his duck tail, is sampling for micro plastics. Nobody has said Happy Birthday to me yet, but that’s okay. Right now its all prep work, making log sheets, battening down the hatches, and thinking about the future while trying to fit in as many naps as possible. A storm’s a-coming, rumor has it, and the threat of inclement weather has already cast a deep shadow over the boat. The scientists are getting skittish, as winds somewhere between a gale and a storm (those are technical terms) should be upon us before the morrow. With them come swells and rough seas, but the copious amounts of Dramamine being consumed should ward off any seasickness and help us to keep own the delicious lunch that was just served. All in all, pretty good time.

Bye for now,

Trevor and Campbell