Day 6 Senior 2014 Thesis Cruise

16 December 2014

Science log: Stardate 2014.95


Today we conquered Tlupana Inlet through gale force winds and golf ball-sized hale, and by gale force winds we mean light rain. The A-Team (the 4-8 watch) unleashed a ship-wide addiction to True Detective… we nearly lost Campbell, and our leader, Julian Sachs Ph.D., has gone down. He is in stable condition. On a lighter note, t’was a momentous day for Matt Morris… Sea stars were finally sighted! He officially likes Tlupana more than Muchalat... more like Mucha-NOT, ha. Our expedition continued on to Tahsis Inlet where we surveyed and deployed the UCTD.


Happy Hanukkah!


Quote of the day: “I don’t believe that Oceanographers go to heaven when they die, they just go to the Thompson to eat like Kings, and/or Queens because we don’t want to leave out females.” – Ben Pelle B.S. (almost)


End of log.

Julia, Matt, Colton, Catherine, Trevor, and Ben