Day 7 Senior 2014 Thesis Cruise

17 December 2014

So our expedition is starting to get to an end, already day 7. By now everyone has got some of the data needed to write their thesis, which is excellent. No one will come back empty handed. We are now in Tahsis, the MOST important inlet of Nootka Sound (according to one of our previous bloggers). Talia and Caroline finally got some of their sediment samples together with some CTD profiles. Last night was pretty frustrating because the Van Veen was not working properly; the crew swapped to the Shipeck grab and then back to the Van Veen again this morning. Who thought that scooping the top surface sediment of the seafloor would be so hard?

The small crew was out today; they totally loved their day. No rain and an amazing landscape to look at with some cool wildlife (otters and seals apparently). Charles Eriksen also wanted us to deploy the Underway CTD while we were at the different stations. Now that it is working properly (no software/ Bluetooth problems), the torpedo as called by some is good to be deployed anytime with permission of the bridge of course. Some of us had quite a good time talking over the marine tech radio, asking for the legendary ‘depth check’. The bridge must have heard this phrase more than a hundred times each day lately.

As for the surveyors, Tahsis bathymetry is now very well known.