2021-2022 Decadal Review

Ocean Surface Abstract

Welcome to the School's 2021-2022 decadal review page.  Here you will find the schedule of open meetings, and the documents related to the review, as they are developed.  The faculty pulling together the review are LuAnne, Anitra, Parker and Rick.

Can't make it to a public meeting, but want to share an idea?  Email Rick - all emails with the subject "Decadal Review" will be forwarded to the enitre committee.  rickkeil-at-uw.edu

Open Meetings to discuss major themes of the Decadal Review

Meetings will not be recorded but notes will be taken and placed here. 

WEDNESDAYS 10:30-11:30

  • April 21     Hiring Committee Open Meeting
  • April 28     Decadal Review Open Meeting for all. Everyone invited.
  • May 5       Faculty meeting** 
  • May 12     Open meeting for Undergrads, Grads and Postdocs
  • May 19     Open meeting for Staff
  • May 26     Open meeting for Voting Faculty
  • June 2      Faculty Meeting**
  • June 9      Final Open Meeting for all

** Faculty meetings are open to all but are not part of the decadal review process.  They also have a different Zoom link.

Zoom Link for decadal review open meetings:  https://washington.zoom.us/j/93445114944  You will need a UWnetID to join.

Seminars to prep for the decadal review

There are 5 seminars this spring related to how the department and university function.  You can learn about these seminars at this link:


Seminars are FRIDAYS at 1:30pm Pacific Time, and they are recorded.  Links to the recordings will be placed here.

LINK:  Decadal Review 101 (30 minute seminar) https://tinyurl.com/48c4kcdk  (Slides for this seminar are available at right in the form of a PDF file)


Here is the link to the official UW page about decadal reviews.  There are several useful documents here including a PDF that describes the process of completing the review and the self-reflection.


Draft documents for the self-relection

None yet, stay tuned


These are the final documents from the 2010 decadal review.

1. The School of Oceanography's self-study

2. The report from the external review committee

3. The official Graduate School report

4. The response to the School from the Dean's office

5. The response from the School back to the Graduate School


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