Dylan Vecchione

Dylan Vecchione1

Your name and pronouns: 

Dylan Vecchione (he/him)


Senior thesis title and a brief description:

Potential trace-chemical (Fe, Mn, CH4) limitation on bacterial growth in deep sea hydrothermal vent plumes along the Southern East Pacific Rise Investigated the relationships between key micronutrients and microbial growth at hydrothermal vent ecosystems 3000 nautical miles offshore Peru. Found strong environmental relationships over low-concentration ranges of nutrients.


What is your most memorable undergraduate experience in the School of Oceanography?

Rowing across Friday Harbor back to Friday Harbor Lab under clear skies and a bright pink sunset reflecting off glassy water as part of OCEAN 220's Field Trip! OR Sitting (distanced) with the Seniors on a pier listening to the waves and watching Waikiki's skyline at sunset (and eating chicken) during quarantine for the Senior Thesis Cruise!