Facilities & Living Aboard

Meal Hours


Meal Hours in Port 

Meal Hours at Sea


0715 - 0800

0715 - 0800


1130 - 1200

1130 - 1215


1730 - 1800

1730 - 1800
  •  During lunch at sea, watchstanders are permitted to begin eating at 1115. 
  •  Dinner hours may be shortened to 1700-1730 at Steward/Master discretion. 
  •  A midnight meal is not provided aboard.
  • While underway, science activities will sometimes interfere with meals. If you are not able to eat during regular meal hours ask the Chief Steward or Cook to "hold a plate" for you. If you have to maintain a special diet please discuss it with the Chief Steward. Leftovers are available in the Mess Deck refrigerators that can be reheated in the microwave. Also, meats and cheeses for sandwiches, cereals and snacks are available on the mess deck. 


Ship's Berthing Plan - Click on image for interactive form

TGT berthing plan


Ship's Laundry Schedule








Ch. Mate
2nd Mate
3rd Mate
MT/ET #1


Ch. Engineer
1st Engineer
2nd Engineer
3rd Engineer
Ch. Steward
MT/ET #2

2nd Cook
Mess person

Rm #2
Rm #17
Rm #18
Rm #19
Rm #20
Rm #21

Rm #23
Rm #24
Rm #25
Rm #27
Rm #28
Rm #29

Rm #30
Rm #31
Rm #32
Rm #33
Rm #34
Rm #35

  • Please use the facilities only on your assigned day.

  • Laundry detergent, bleach and fabric softener can be found in the linen locker located in the laundry room.

  • Laundry days for the science party are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please attend to your laundry and don't tie up the machines, you may find your laundry in a basket still wet!

  • If you have emergency laundry needs arrange usage of the facilities with the Captain.

  • The Thompson DOES NOT have a weekly linen service. If you want clean bedding during the cruise you must wash your bedding on your designated laundry day.


TV Lounge

The television lounge is open 24 hrs a day for video viewing. The "Feature Movie" begins at 2000 hrs local when at sea. This movie takes precedence over all other movies playing at this time so be sure to schedule your movie viewing with this in mind. Remember, the ship operates 24 hrs a day which means watch standers are trying to sleep throughout the day. Keep the volume down so you don't disturb those individuals trying to sleep. Thank You!


The ships library has a good selection of reading material. Please bring back the books that you borrow when you have finished so that others can enjoy them. Magazines are located in the TV Lounge magazine rack. Board games are available in the library for your entertainment. Computer games may be found on some of the library computers, these computer games are not provided by the UW or the ship so don't bother the marine techs with software problems you may encounter.

Ping Pong

The ship has a ping pong table. If space is available in the main lab you may set up the table and enjoy a good game of ping pong with your shipmates.


Fishing is a favorite past time on the T. G. Thompson. Trolling is scheduled whenever possible on a NOT TO INTERFERE basis with scientific activities.

Exercise Room

Located in the aft berthing area is the exercise room. Stationary bicycles, a treadmill, and small weight lifting equipment are there for all to use. Once again people may be sleeping in the area so please be quiet and DO NOT slam weights down on the deck!

The Crew will empty all bins except for those in Berthing Rooms, which are to be emptied in the Main Lab and in appropriate recycle bins.

Please help us to reduce the amount of garbage that we have to burn or throw overboard.