Future Changes to the School of Oceanography 2015-16

The Oceanography undergraduate program is in the midst of an exciting re-design

Next Year: Looking Ahead

New directions for undergraduate program:  The Oceanography undergraduate program is in the midst of an exciting re-design, the new program more explicitly emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of Oceanography and includes the addition of a set of courses focused on technological skill development.  The overall number of credits required for the degree is unchanged, and specific course requirements will not change for students who are already in the midst of completing their degree (with substitutions made as appropriate). Students who have not yet started taking core Oceanography requirements will follow a brand new set of degree requirements.  Michelle Townsend is supporting each student in understanding their specific degree requirements, students are encouraged to check with Michelle to ensure they are on track for graduation.  We will also be developing a short, intensive course in the Fall early start period to satisfy the Introduction to Oceanography requirement for transfer students (a pre-requisite for Ocean 210).

New oceanography core courses:

  • Ocean 215, Methods of Oceanographic Data Analysis (Autumn)
  • Ocean 285, Physics Across Oceanography: Fluid Mechanics and Waves (Winter)
  • Ocean 295, Chemistry of Marine Organic Carbon (Spring)
  • Ocean 300, Exploring Opportunities in Marine Science (Autumn)
  • Ocean 310, Mass and Energy Transfer between the Solid and Fluid Earth (Autumn, starting 2016)
  • Ocean 311, Global Biogeochemical Cycles (Winter)
  • Ocean 351, Foundations of Ocean Sensing (Winter)
  • Ocean 312, Coastal Oceanography (Spring)

New oceanography elective courses:

  • Ocean 261/361/461 Ocean Technology (Spring)
  • Ocean 409, Marine Pollution (Spring)

Important Dates for graduate students:

Sept 21 2015 (Mon)         UW CTL TA training

Sept 22 2015 (Tues)         UW CTL TA training (cont.)

Sept 24 2015 (Thurs)       Oceanography TA training and College of the Environment graduate student orientation

Sept 25 2015 (Fri)              Oceanography new graduate student orientation

Sept 28 2015 (Mon)         Lab safety training

Sept 29 2015 (Tues)         Lab safety training (cont)

Sept 30 2015 (Wed)         First day of Fall Quarter